Girls’ Generation: Holiday Night

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 10.44.29 AM.png

The girls are back with their 6th album for their 10 years anniversary and what an amazing album it is. Everybody visual game and vocal are just peaking right now and my heart just can’t take all of this excitement. I’m just going to leave some of my thoughts on the album below. (Note: I went back and wrote this intro because I noticed I just jumped into the song review, hahahaha… See too freaking excited to care about structure, transition and stuff…I would like to apologize to all of my English teacher.)

“Holiday”–Ha ha haholiday wheeee. Man this song is catchy. I like how they edited this video, the transition are really well done. I think because the transition are so well planned the video feels shorter. Or is it because I’m so distracted by all the girls I don’t even realize my life is passing by me at the speed of light? Anyhow, favorite part would have to be that rectangle dance formation where they rotated and switch singers. It was brilliant, I’m shocked at the smoothness of it. And then Hyoyeon posing in the elevator just kills me, like I wish I can be that fabulous.


“All Night”- I really love this song. When I didn’t know what the lyrics meant, it was just a crazy dancing, booty shaking, and hair flipping song for me. I didn’t even know my butt what that flexible until this song came out. Thank you Soshi-nim for always teaching me new things about myself. The lyrics of the actual song has a more nostalgic touch to it, which talks about meeting someone you love from the past and falling in love all over again. I just love it when the beat increases after the slow tempo. And we all have to admit my bae Yoona is killing it in the music video. I almost had a heart attack at that wiggle. This iconic moment deserve a name and I’m going to name this “The Wiggle Incident of 2017.” Babe is smoking hot and I’ve converted to Im Yoongism. She is my guide and my leader!

“It’s You”, “Only One”, “FAN” sounds like song for SONE, honestly most of the song in this album is like letters to the fan (TT-TT). I’m not crying, it’s just my eye sweats.  “One Last Time” reminds me of old style American pop that I love so much, like with JoJo or Jordan Sparks…feels~. Once you’re done crying from “Fan”, “Only One,” and “Light Up the Sky,” you can jam to “Girls are Back” and “Sweet Talk”. Oh man, dance line parts in “Love is Bitter” *cue the applause*. “Love is Bitter” is such a chill song but it’s such a reality awakening song at the same time; listen kids, “Love is always always bitter”. I really like the song in this album and I like how they divided up the album into two. One album is filled with unreleased pictures and the other one is for their new concept. Simply Amazing. The girls are back and I can’t wait to watch them on music show and variety show. Whoooooo! Go Soshi! Go Soshi! Go Soshi!


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