Red Velvet: The Red Summer

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 1.09.21 PM.png

Who’s enjoying Red Velvet comeback? ME!

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 1.15.47 PM.png

My kids are all so beautiful and talented.

There’s a total of 5 songs: Red Flavor, You Better Know, Zoo, Mojito, and Hear the Sea. My jam is “You Better Know.” There is just something about that song that makes me want jump around in my room like I’m at a concert. I especially love them performing this song on music show because the choreography fits this song so well and it is a total summer song to me. So gorgeous, so talented, such a jam to my peanut butter.

This doesn’t mean I don’t like “Red Flavor”. It is a very upbeat song too but I must say my favorite part of the song is how Wendy ends the song. Her voice always get me right in my kokoro; from my past record you can tell I have a thing for when Wendy uses her voice to add an extra level of gentleness or softness to all of their upbeat song.

I think my favorite part of “Zoo” is Seulgi’s Tarzan imitation that replace the whistle sound at some point. It’s so weird but it fits so well with the whole song. “Mojito” also has it own charm. Similar to “You Better Know,” this song makes me want to dance around my room with my girls, drinking those pretty drinks that taste way too good to be a good indicator of how much alcohol you’ve consume, and just drive around the coast (don’t drink and drive though, have a designated driver please people). And I will aways love “Hear the Sea” because my weakness is soft and chill song, and this song fits right into that description; what’s not love? Their voices are so sweet so it fits this song perfectly. These types of song does Yeri and Irene’s voice justice, so I’m happy they have this song.

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PSA: On an unpleasant note, please stop talking about weight. Too fat, too chubby, too skinny, and too slender. You all understand physical appearance is a sensitive topic, and how one simple comment can lead people to make some drastic decisions that may not always give the best ending. Especially in the entertainment industry, where they are often picked a part for how they look; like a person only amount to their outer appearance and nothing more. I just hope that when I watch a Red Velvet’s video I won’t find it overflowing with comments regarding any members’ weight. I know some people are worry out of love but instead of it helping it just creates additional stress and feeling of helplessness because nothing done is ever enough. Just love them people! Love my kids like you love your kids okay?


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