Drama Updates: The King In Love


The press conference occurred on July 3 and everybody was beautiful, the extended preview was amazing, and I’m camping at MBC until it airs!

Bae walks out in a pretty pink dress and I think, “my girl is so conservative.” Then she turns around my jaw is on the floor and the only thing I can say is “DANG GURL!” No wonder Hong Jong Hyun didn’t know where to put his hands. It’s both heaven and hell in the back.

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Moving onto the beautiful ships that may sail or sink. Hopefully no ship sinks while burning up in flames. I already have my weekly healthy dose of pain from “7 Days Queen,” anymore and it will put me in the masochist  zone.

I also watched the Showcase but I’m still dizzy from having to turn my phone because the person filming it could not decide whether they want to do it in landscape or portrait. But I liked that they introduce some of the supporting cast, although I would’ve liked it even more if we got to see a little more interactions since all they were able to do was introduce their names. Additionally, I think they played some of the OST from the drama. The songs sounded soft and melancholy, which is right up my alley.

I enjoyed the extended preview. I never thought Im Siwan was my aesthetic until I saw him here, he is one handsome man. I’m curious how the storyline will go because Won is capable of inflicting all sorts of pain, yet his conflicts arise from the woman he loves and the person he trusts the most. There’s no way to solve this peacefully, please don’t be “What Happened in Bali 2.0.”

They’re so cute!

Obsess much Won? I know she’s pretty but calm down boy.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 10.52.25 AM
Credit: caryoona

Thank you MBC for your creative promotion. See you can promote things well too once you put your mind into it! Look forward to July 17 everybody!


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