Drama Updates: The K2 Ep.9-10

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So so so many sweet Je Ha and Anna moment in episode 9 and 10. Episode 9 rating is 4.8% and episode 10 is 5.6%.


I didn’t particularly enjoyed episode 9 because although there was a lot of Anna and Je Ja moment, I felt like nothing happened in that episode. It feels lacking and honestly I was a bit mad at Anna for pulling that disappearing stint on Je Ha. Honey, you can do that to anybody but don’t do that to Je Ha. You want him to protect you but you keep on doing dangerous stuff without telling our bodyguard anything. How can he protect you properly?

Is Choi Yoo Jin suppose to be a competent antagonist? Honestly, so far I’ve seen her being humiliated way more than anybody in this drama.  We hear about her doing evil things all the time but I’ve never actually seen her do anything. Seriously, most of the time she either threatens people or her plans just fail. I’ve felt this before but Choi Yoo Jin underlings are so incompetent. The bodyguards in JSS are beaten repeatedly and way too dependent on that CCTV traffic feed. Choi Yoo Jin’s secretary is just pure crazy without a brain for actual plotting. The white hair guy who leads the bodyguard talks big but he has no actual skill. The only one who properly did anything was that chick who got Kwang Soo to back off for the first time. And what is up with our bad guys aversion to guns? I’ve seen so many fight scenes but most of the time they’re carrying batons or knife. Why are the bad guys trying to work so hard? Just get some guns and use your darn baton and knife as backup when you run out of bullets. I know they used sniper rifle to try and kill Anna but it doesn’t really count when nobody shot anybody. Choi Yoo Jin needs to get rid of everybody and find a new team.

Now going onto Choi Yoo Jin obsession with Je Ha. She wants him to be her friend and her strongest operative. She doesn’t have anybody who will tell it to her straight like Je Ha or is as competent as Je Ha. Je Ha doesn’t talk a lot but most his lines are to the point. He’s the voice of reason. When things doesn’t make sense to me, I feel like Je Ha will either explain it to me or ask the one question that will connect everything together. Choi Yoo Jin is envious of what Je Ha and Anna has. Yoo Jin said that she used to be an Anna but life happened. If Yoo Jin had someone like Je Ha around her, she probably would have never went off the deep end. Rather than hating Choi Yoo Jin for the things she did, I just feel pity for her. When you’re hurt and beaten down so badly, the only thing you can do is to retaliate in order to live. Honestly, that email is just an excuse, if she has high tech artificial intelligent behind her, how is finding an email that difficult? I know that in the end Choi Yoo Jin is wrong for the things she did but we didn’t live her life so we cannot sit on a pedestal and think that we’re better than her and that we would never do the same thing.

Remember when I asked the writer to make Anna a better foe for Choi Yoo Jin. I don’t think it’s going to happen. Anna is just too innocent and inexperience. Anna Banana, your uncle is not even related to you by blood and you barely know the guy, why would you trust him enough to drink the pills he gave you? Seriously, I almost smacked myself in the head when she even thought of drinking those pills. I don’t care what her uncle has done for her, if she was just even a little bit suspicious of the people around her, she would never consider drinking those pills. Look at her relationship with J4 now, when initially J4 drugged Anna without even a little bit of hesitation or remorse. That part of Anna’s personality defines her innocence and what makes it feels like it’ll be impossible for Anna to actually plot against Choi Yoo Jin. At this point, it feels like when it comes down it, like Je Ha, she won’t be able to pull the trigger.

I don’t understand how Je Ha is going to pull off his mission when he still has PTSD. How can he agree so easily when he knows he cannot pull the trigger? It’s just seem like a tragedy waiting to happen. It felt so ominous when Je Ha told Anna that if they stayed together they would die.

I don’t know why but episode 9 and 10 got me so worked up. It seems like the drama is moving along but nothing is happening. I had such high expectation for Choi Yoo Jin antagonist character, it just makes me mad that she’s not being as calculating and as evil as I would like. Is it bad of me to want her to succeed?

Anyway, no matter how worked up I got, I couldn’t help but smile like a doofus at Anna and Je Ha scene. There’s no way you can look at those two and not smile. I was mad at nothing happening and then those two just hypnotize me and then I forgot. Don’t you two try to distract me! Why is Choi Yoo Jin like that? Why are the bad guy not… oh my god they just kissed! Oh my god, what the freak is up with that blanket? Sweet holy matrimony…uh..what was I mad about again?

I thought this scene was so freaking cute and sweet. It almost gave me diabetes.

I know it was suppose to be a sad scene but I laughed so hard when I saw Anna caller ID photo.

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