Drama Updates: The K2 Ep.7-8

Our Anna finally met her dad and I was drowning in tears with her; still don’t like him though. Episode 7 was rated 5.1% and episode 8 was 5.7%.


When I started watching episode 7, it felt like Anna had her allergic reaction for forever. Can somebody get an EpiPen for her if you can’t get her to the nearest hospital? That confrontation between Anna and Yoo Jin though, I want more. Yoo Jin was obviously the winner of this little spat but when you’ve lived years scheming and stabbing people in the back, a little girl from a monastery isn’t going to be much of a challenge. I was both impressed and agitated with Yoo Jin’s speech to Anna but then I was also sympathizing with her daddy’s issues. Seriously this woman makes me so confuse all the time but I have to applaud her for being strong and scary as freak. Did anybody get the chills when she opened her car window and started laughing? I wasn’t even thinking she was crazy, I was just scared of her.

Anna meeting with her dad had me in tears. No matter what her dad said to Je Ha, I still don’t like him. The fact is that moments before meeting Anna he was feeling up a young lady’s thigh and he clearly did not remember Dream Land. Unless he was inviting that young lady into the bathroom to help her learn the constitution then there’s no excuse for that pervert. Even if he said he wants to protect his daughter, I cannot believe him. Showing the viewers the scene of how he deceived the audience at his speech with sympathy, moments before he talked to Je Ha to get him to empathize demonstrates how much trust you can put into the words of a politician-none.

Je Ha and Anna new friendship in episode 8 is something I am happy with. She finally has someone she can honestly trust. He tells her to be stronger, to stop crying, and to have confidence. No matter how many times Anna tells Yoo Jin that she did not kill her mom, she could not let it go because she always felt like she played a part in her mom’s death. Anna knows she wished her mom would drink the pills and sleep for a long time and it did happen. Even if she was little and it wasn’t done out of evil intent, it doesn’t lessen her guilt. When she finally confessed it all to Je Ha, I am hoping that this is her turning point of where she let go of her guilt, stop crying, and become stronger.

I don’t know how clever Anna is as a person. Clearly I thought she had a plan and knew the reason why she should not tell the public her dad is Jang Se Joon when she challenged Yoo Jin during that little press fiasco and did not reveal who her dad was. However, when Anna talked to Je Ha on the roof and asked him what if she told the public her dad was Jang Se Joon, I was a little disappointed. I thought you were smarter than that Anna, I thought you had a plan. Or is the writer confused and he completely forgot about the previous scene because writing on a deadline is good for nobody. Also I’ve been hearing a lot of people complaining about how Anna social phobia is gone with the wind and I just want to say that the only time Anna ever had a panic attack is when she is expose to strong flashing lights. Anna never had a panic attack running around Barcelona with a bunch of strangers in daylight. She is okay with daylight and with people even if she is shy. I’m guessing that the people around Anna were told that she had social phobia so they would stay away from her. Maybe it was a way of isolating Anna from the world and not a plot hole.

Remember how I mentioned earlier that I haven’t felt the romantic vibe between Je Ha and Anna? Well, he went from feeling sympathy to guilt and now he’s a total goner. That whole “Ice and Ding” game, Je Ha-ah, Anna is not a puppy. The way he looked at her on the roof and just the memory of her can make him smile. I laughed so hard when he dived onto that roof to help Anna but ended up looking like a klutz. He’s a total goner. Hook, line, and sinker. At some point even I forgot he was suppose to take revenge for his dead girlfriend. Thank you Choi Yoo Jin for reminding both Je Ha and us viewers the original reason Je Ha agreed to be a JSS bodyguard in the first place.

Let’s take this moment to give an applause to J4, that JSS instructor, and the housekeeper. I was so scared for J4 and the housekeeper lady when Choi Yoo Jin was giving them the stare down in the house. We all know what would happen to the people who betray Yoo Jin… actually we don’t because we never hear from them again.

Writer-nim? It’s time for Anna to put away her tears and angel robe. We all know Anna can cry but can she toughen up and be a good foe for Choi Yoo Jin? It’s time for her to put on that suit and take charge of her own life. We all know what suit i’m talking about right?

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 5.19.58 PM.png

One note, this mister was so cool up until the point he decided to throw his gun away. Why? Why? Why? I know we need hand to hand combat for it to be cool but can’t Je Ha throw his lighter(I mean it’s not like he ever got to smoke his cigarettes in peace) and knock the gun out of his hand and then fly kick over.

Dispatch following the Bang Bang couple around and Ji Chang Wook giving them the money shot.20161014003604_6

The crazy CPR scene BTS.

English subbed for their TAXI appearance.



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