Drama Updates: The K2 Ep.5-6



Anna finally sees some sunshine! Episode 5 rating was 4.6% and episode 6 was 6.64%. Congratulation to the K2 team on surpassing 5% rating! Now Ji Chang Wook will have to make 100 coffee and Yoona will serve them to the fans. Hopefully, it won’t take too long because filming seems to be a bit tight this week. The scenes that appeared in episode 6 were filmed earlier this week.


I heard some people complaining about unnecessary scenes in episode 5 but I don’t think they were unnecessary. Je Ha with the instructor was the funniest thing ever. Je Ha needs a friend in JSS and who better than that good natured instructor. And him talking to J4 is necessary because he needed to learn more things about Anna. Anna and Je Ha only interaction is through the CCTV so how can he ask her anything? I agree that there are some comedic moment added that messed with the flow of the show but I think this show does need some happiness and laughter.

For Yoo Jin, we finally got to see how she became the way she was. With a family that horrible, I’m surprise she hasn’t gone on a mass murder spree. What I don’t understand was how she fell for such a blatant trap in episode 5. Honestly, the moment she entered that temple and they did not allowed any of her security team to go in, some alarm should’ve went off. Yoo Jin, I thought you were smarter than that. Song Yoona is fantastic though because of how expressive she is and how layered she made the antagonist. One of the thing I dislike the most is an evil character without any depth. A properly written antagonist can be more intriguing than the protagonist. At some point I felt bad for her again, she’s hypnotizing me and I have to constantly remind myself that Yoo Jin is not good. However, she is not the only bad person in this drama.

The real bad guy is Anna’s dad. He cheated on Yoo Jin with Anna’s mom and that is how this whole fiasco started. Even on the surface he threatens Yoo Jin and ask her to protect Anna but I am doubting that he loves his daughter that much. When Anna sang “Amazing Grace” at church, he didn’t even look at her. He doesn’t remember what he told her, he doesn’t know how she feels, and he doesn’t know anything about her and it seems like he doesn’t care. He’s a bad person who deluded himself into thinking that he is protecting Anna while he is the one who hurts her the most.

Poor Anna eating that strawberry ice cream even though she is allergic to strawberry. I don’t know if Anna knows the ice cream is from her dad or not. Her final lines sound as though she gave up on her relationship with him because she finally realize that she is the problem. If she knows it’s from her dad then he is intentionally telling her to die, if she knows it’s not from him then he doesn’t remember their promise and that he doesn’t care about her at all. Either way, our poor Anna.

Honestly, there’s a bunch of shipper for Anna-Je Ha and Je Ha-Yoo Jin but so far I haven’t felt any romantic development. Je Ha protects both Anna and Yoo Jin because he is a bodyguard, a really good one at that. He can’t help it, he has to protect people. If we’re talking about who he cares more about at the moment, it would have to be Anna. He actually took initiative outside of his bodyguard duties to help her prepare her ramen. But there are moments when I feel like he has a lot of sympathy toward Anna because to Je Ha, Anna is the weakest and the most vulnerable. He naturally gravitate toward helpless people. Anna looks like a wounded kitten that you can’t help but adore and make it happy again. I am waiting for more action from Je Ha. He has chemistry with everyone, it’s sizzling with Yoo Jin and a pile of puppies with Anna. Honestly, I can’t tell with Ji Chang Wook’s eyes, he loves everybody.

Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 6.57.50 PM.png

Love the episodes this week. Yay to more character development and backstory. Meanwhile listen to our beautiful Anna heartbreaking rendition of “Amazing Grace.”

Nyam Nyam Tv host forgetting what show she’s on.


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