Kpop: Shinee

In Minho’s voice, “Shinee’s back~.”

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 2.03.08 PM.png

I am really digging Shinee’s new comeback. I’ve been listening to their album and watching their comeback stage. I love all of the songs on this album. It’s amazing how each member of Shinee have such distinct vocal color and yet it all blend so well when they sing together. Love it.

I listened to “1 of 1” so many times because it’s such a jam but then I heard the whole album and basically it’s all a jam. My kryptonite is “Feel Good,” I feel like I’m floating every time they sing. Everybody sound so good. Somebody please tell me that Jaejoong did not disguise as Taemin to join Shinee because my ears are deceiving me. I swore I heard Jaejoong in “Don’t Let Me Go.”

The music video is really simple but I enjoyed it. I loved all of the girls’ outfits in this music video because it brought out pops of color on the white background, but the boys…They look like those debt collectors you see in Korean dramas. Did all the stylist-nim in SM become obsess with retro or did they bulk buy some clothes and needed to get rid of it. Here’s the music video:

Watch Shinee comeback on Mcountdown.

I heard Onew got hurt so he couldn’t dance in the music video. Hopefully, he takes it easy and not strain himself too hard for the comeback. We all know how much effort Shinee put into each of their performance but don’t hurt yourself leader-nim. Eat some fried chicken and get better. Support their album and watch their music video!



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