Drama Updates: Shopping King Louie

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 2.40.16 PM.png

Recently, I’ve been enjoying this drama from MBC call Shopping King Louie starring Seo In Guk as Louis and Nam Ji Hyun as Ko Bok Sil. Louis is the only grandson of a filthy rich family. I seriously mean filthy rich because he lives in a freaking castle and he spends money like it’s nothing. On the other hand, Ko Bok Sil is a dirt poor girl living in the mountains. Louis had an accident upon his return to Korea and loses his memories. He also transform into a puppy in the process. Ko Bok Sil picks up puppy Louis on the street and began to raise him. (Note: I don’t literally mean a puppy but really I see no differences.)

Talking about opposite attracts.

I definitely would not raise him.

But puppy Louis sure does try hard.

I really adore Bok Sil and Louis. They’re both so innocent and naive that it’s funny. You know how sometimes a character is so dumb that it makes you mad? Well, this is not one of those cases. They just lack common knowledge because Bok Sil didn’t even have electricity where she’s from and Louis got butler and maid at his beck and call. They’re so naive and cute that it makes you want to sit them down and teach them everything using those cartoon flashcards. The way they “ooh-ah” in amazement and how their faces light up would make me feel like a god.

The rating in the beginning was low but it’s going up slowly. Rise Bok Sil and Louis, rise my child! Learn about the world and protect yourself. Shame that there’s only one episode this week but I am excited for next week.


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