Drama Updates: The K2 Ep.3-4

The K2 is still trending all over the place. Episode 3 rating was 4.39 and episode 4 was 3.95, still very impressive for a tvN drama airing on Friday and Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed episode 3 and 4 because our dear Anna is finally fed, well kind of.

Screen Shot 2016-10-01 at 10.21.43 AM.png


I enjoyed episode 3 because of the car chase scene, it was seriously impressive. Honestly, when Je Ha turned that car around to shoot out the window, I literally screamed “oh my god, he’s so cool,” and then I proceeded to squeal like a pig. He obviously got the brain and the brawn. The way Je Ha handles the Yoo Jin fiasco in the beginning was great because he probably thought of all the possibility and was prepared for it. I didn’t even think he was going to do something like record her at all. I felt some compassion for Yoo Jin character in this episode and episode 4, it is probably due to Song Yoona acting. Choi Yoo Jin seems so strong and independent but that moment when Je Ha rescues her, the way she looks up at him just says so much. Additionally, when she was sitting in the car at the end of episode 4 to go home, I was felt really sad for her. I can honestly see how there are Yoo Jin and Je Ha shippers but I am pretty sure episode 4 changed a lot of people’s mind. You can somewhat see that her husband does have a strong emotional effect on her, whether it’s love or hatred, I don’t know yet.

I have to give a shout out to Cho Seong Ha for his amazing speech at the hospital. The way he delivered it was amazing. I knew he was acting the moment he walked out but even I started tearing up when he started talking. He makes a great politician. I feel like his speech contains some truth though about his inability to protect his wife-Anna’s mom. Like the great Kim Jun Ho from 1N2D said, a great presentation needs “truth, lies, and emotion.”

In episode 4, Je Ha and Anna finally lives in the same space. The frustration Je Ha has for Anna inability to make ramen while watching her through the CCTV felt like us drama watchers shouting at the screen during those moments when the leads almost meet each other. “Oh my god, he/she is right there! Just turn your head 30 degrees! Look! Don’t give up! Fuddgggeeeeeee.” The noodle scene showed us that Anna is somewhat of a child. She was raised in a monastery for more than 10 years, I doubt she saw much of the world since she was 9 years old even if she periodically ran away. I also doubt they fed her much ramen in Spain. It’s almost sad how such a simple thing in life can make her so happy. Seeing the way Anna looks at ramen in episode 4 made me want to buy her a box of ramen for Christmas.

The ramen scene was the standout but I have to give props to Song Yoona. I’m still curious about Yoo Jin purpose and just how she feels about her husband. I’m honestly impressed with Song Yoona, she’s amazing. I want to see her backstory, we got K2 backstory so now can we have Yoo Jin?

Watching the preview for episode 5 and Anna singing amazing grace is so good. Please tell me they did not go and make her a nun because she needs to enjoy life and make out with this:

Here’s a cute behind the scene with Im PD and actor Ji Chang Wook.

English subbed Daum live chat. I’ve been waiting so long to understand what they were laughing about.


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