Drama Updates: The K2 Ep.1-2

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I waited until I finished watching episode 1 & 2 of The K2 before I weigh in on how it performed.

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For public opinions, it seems the whole cast is being praise for their performance. Everyone have been saying the drama feels like a movie and that it was filmed well. Episode 1 of The K2 was rated 3.2% and 3.4% for the second episode. A reminder that tvN is a cable channel so people have to pay to watch, so 3% is a good start. Yoona, Ji Chang Wook, and The K2 also trended on multiple Korean portals.


Episodes 1 starts with Go Anna as a child who witnessed her mom’s death. She is then sent to live in a monastery in Spain. Fast forward to Anna as an adult running away from the monastery. In the same city, Kim Je Ha is seen bed ridden and bloodied up. He disguises himself and while moving around he runs into the panic-stricken Anna and she begs him for help. Je Ha helps Anna but Anna is caught again and gets locked in a car. Unable to get involve because the people guarding Anna are the police, Jae Ha gives up and leaves for Korea. Back in Korea, we can see Choi Yoo Jin playing a dutiful wife on TV while her husband Jang Se Joon rendezvous with his secret lover. Jang Se Joon infidelity is seen by Je Ha while he works. To clean up Jang Se Joon mess, Choi Yoo Jin bodyguards in JSS search for Je Ha to get rid of any witness. We learn that Je Ha is an elite mercenary soldier while he swiftly incapacitate JSS elite team. The episode ends with Anna once again attempting to escape but then she is frighten in shock after a car headlight prompted flashback of her trauma.

Episodes 2 starts with Anna again and we see her image being captured by a famous designer which prompted the curiosity of his followers on Instagram leading to Anna returns to Korea base on Choi Yoo Jin’s order. We also see Je Ha helping an old couple whose son recently died. Yoo Jin had a kill order on Je Ha after his previous escape. Je Ha interrogation of his attacker led him to Yoo Jin’s house where he meets Anna again.


I wrote a small summary of what happened in episode 1 and 2 but I left out a lot of details. If you want to know what happened, check out The K2 on Dramafever.

Now my opinion of the drama so far is pretty good. When Anna first appeared, I started tearing up. As I watched Anna, I never thought “oh, Yoona looks pretty” or “Yoona is doing pretty well” because the whole time she was Anna to me. I did not even think of Im Yoona and only afterward did I realized what happened. I am very proud of her in this is drama. I don’t know if anybody has been a fan of Yoona long enough to know that she used to have a fear of camera. She was afraid of what people would say about her and what kind of photos they would take; that is the burden of being the center of SNSD. I think her past experiences are being put to use in this drama. Keep up the good work Go Anna.

Ji Chang Wook is doing a good job. I like the complexity of his character. One moment he is a cold blooded and calculated torturer, the next he is protector of the weak and innocent. Ji Chang Wook eyes are very expressive, you can see the vulnerability but also the strength of Je Ha because of Ji Chang Wook’s performance. I’m just baffle at the fact that in the beginning of episode 1 he could barely walk but he totally flew like a flying squirrel fighting that police to help Anna.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 7.17.31 PM.png
Woman, what did he say about that second meeting?

Song Yoona, what to say about this woman. Honestly, I don’t know Choi Yoo Jin motives at all. Why is she so desperate for Jang Se Joon to be president? Why is everybody so scared of her? How does she have so many lackey? What is her relationship to her assistant(honestly they give off some creepy vibes)? I do have to admit Song Yoona is doing an amazing job. Choi Yoo Jin looks so elegant and gentle to the media but in reality she is so scary. It feels like she holds onto a lot of other people weaknesses and that’s how she gets them to listen.

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Jang Se Joon, Anna’s dad. Can I be honest? I had to fast forward when Jang Se Joon was making out with that lady because I couldn’t watch it. However, I did watch his other parts. He is Choi Yoo Jin pawn but not an obedient pawn. He has his own conviction and he is a constant threat Choi Yoo Jin’s plans.

Final thought on the drama? The drama is filmed like a movie, the opening scenic shot really gave me the movie vibe. The action sequences are filmed well but when there is too many, at some point it feels staged. I would like there to be more character interactions so at least Ji Chang Wook can keep his feet on the ground for more than half an episode. No wonder Ji Chang Wook is saying this will be his last action drama. Looking forward to episode 3 and 4.Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 7.22.35 PM.png



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