Drama Updates: The King Loves

I’m so surprise that I don’t even know what to say. Yesterday was The K2 press conference, Vapp, and Taxi filming. The day isn’t even over yet and SM has confirm that Yoona will be starring in a pre-produced sageuk with Im Siwan. The drama is called The King Loves and apparently set during the Goryeo era. Yoona will be playing the daughter of the richest man in Goryeo and Im Siwan will be the king who falls in love with her. I cannot imagine this pairing at all but I am looking forward to seeing Yoona in a sageuk.

The only drama I watched with Im Siwan was The Moon that Embraces the Sun. He was in there for only a few episodes and it was one of his earliest work so the acting is less than spectacular. However, I know he received a lot of praise for Misaeng and Triangle so I know he got a lot better. I am unsure about Yoona and Im Siwan pairing and I am worried about who the director and writer will be.

Can I just say that the casting release for this drama is at such a bad timing. The K2 is airing this Friday so Yoona and Ji Chang Wook need all the focus to be on them. Give BANG The K2 BANG some love! Bang Bang Bang.



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