Chinese Dramas: Boss & Me, My Sunshine, Love O2O

I recently finished watching Love O2O. I watched all of Gu Man novel to drama adaptation, however this does not make me an expert on these dramas but I wanted to write some of my thoughts on them.

Screen Shot 2016-09-10 at 3.58.49 PM.png

First off we have the lovely Boss & Me also known as Shan Shan Comes to Eat starring Zhao Li Ying as Xue Shan Shan and Zhang Han as Feng Teng. Shan Shan is kind, innocent, hard working, and most important of all, she loves to eat. Besides eating, she also possesses one of the most rare blood type in the world. She gets hired into Feng Teng’s company because of her special blood type. While she may thinks he is fattening her up so she can be a good blood donor for his sister, the actual reason is much simpler than that–he loves watching her eat, and eat, and eat some more. Do you not see that smile? Note that the cap below is all from one episode.

Let me just say that I love this couple. How much I love them is proportional to how much they eat throughout this drama, so let’s just say it was a hellaloadalot. The whole premise of poor girl dating the CEO is pretty much overly done. Been there done that. But what makes this a good drama is that just because the concept has been done a lot does not mean that people have been doing it right. Cinderella doesn’t always have to depend on her prince to take care of her when she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. I like that Shan Shan is naive and innocent but no matter how dumb she thinks she is, she really is not stupid at all when it really matters. She knows her short comings and she tries to overcome them through hard work and dedication. When there is a problem between Feng Teng and Shan Shan, they often resolve it quickly because Shan Shan is straight forward and doesn’t hide her feelings well. But at these moments, she also knows the right words to use. Hahaha, it’s like Feng Teng knows he is being manipulated but she’s so flattering and adorable so he’s just like “whatever.”

The chemistry between these two is off the chart adorable. They can do the dumbest things together I would still think it’s adorable and watch them all day.  I must say that out of the three dramas, these two had the best chemistry and the most natural skinship. The way they held hands, hug, kiss, and how he always pinch her cheeks is just so natural. You can’t help but be like, “dang it Feng Teng, hold me too.” His hands are so freaking huge and when he holds her, it just makes me swoon. Why you got to be so dang hot Feng Teng?

I love all of their outfits in this drama. Shan Shan looks so beautiful and adorable in all of her coats. Maybe she should give Mosheng some outfit ideas. I want all of their winter coats, yes I also want Feng Teng coats because why not?

Screen Shot 2016-09-10 at 4.00.07 PM.png

Next is My Sunshine or Silent Separation starring Wallace Chung(*swoons*) as He Yichen(*swoons some more*) and Tang Yan as Zhao Mosheng. He Yichen and Zhao Mosheng were college sweethearts but due to a misunderstanding they ended up separating for ten years. After they meet up again as adults, they go through many different conflicts before finally resolving their past misunderstandings.

Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 9.13.11 PM.png
I just want them to be happy guys.

This was my first Gu Man’s drama. I have a lot of attachment to this drama, and I will admit to watching it more than once. You see, in the beginning I thought they separated because of the dumbest reason but watching it a few more times, I finally understood why she didn’t go back, actually couldn’t go back to him.

This story contains a lot of angst. Some unnecessary angst because both leads refuse to talk to each other, it felt like in the beginning they just ignored the elephant in the room and tried to resume to where they left off. However, it has been 10 years and they were both different in many ways. I like the fact that back in their college days Mosheng chased after Yichen, but when they became older he had to chase after her. Part of the reason is that the adult Mosheng was more reserve, shy, and timid. I did not like the fact that sometimes when she talks to him, she tends to put her head down; she almost seem like a child getting reprimanded by her parents. I prefer her college personality but if you see what she went through, you can understand why she became less vibrant and outspoken. Also her fashion sense is a bit…

The most outstanding aspect of this drama is Wallace Chung as He Yichen. The scene below is one of my favorite scene. I cannot give you the spoilers but if you watch it, you will understand why I put Wallace Chung on a pedestal after this drama.

You can really feel Yichen’s love for Mosheng through Wallace Chung’s acting. I said it before and I will say it again but I think most of Yichen’s emotion can be seen through his eyebrows. Additionally, the college portion is well done. I’m glad they used other actor in the college portion instead of Wallace and Tang Yan. Watching the cut during the last few episodes, I felt the younger actors did better conveying the college youth feel. An additional plus? The songs from this drama are excellent, “You are my pretty sunshine~.”

Screen Shot 2016-09-10 at 4.03.40 PM.png

Lastly, Love 020 or A Slight Smile is Devastating starring Yang Yang as Xiao Nai and Zheng Shuan as Bei Wei Wei. This drama takes place both in the real world and within an online MMORPG called A Chinese Ghost Story (this is a real game). When Reed Wei Wei Wei (Bei Wei Wei online nick) gets dumped and humiliated by her online husband, Yi Xiao Nai He (Xiao Nai nick) jumps right in and proposes to her online. Xiao Nai and Wei Wei gets to know each other in the game and they start developing feelings for each other. They decides to meet each other in real life and they become one of the most enviable couple on campus.

The interweaving of game world and real life in this drama is so refreshing and interesting.  Sometimes I have problems with CG in Chinese drama, but I really love the game graphic in  here; the graphic does not feel out of place. In the beginning, sometimes I would fast forward to the game portion because that was the only place I can watch Wei Wei and Xiao Nai interact with each other. Their dialogue is witty, funny, and mischievous. Actually, what I liked the most about this drama is the interactions between the different characters. The friendship between Xiao Nai and his three college buddies, Hao Mei, Qiu Yong Hou, and Yu Ban Shan is so funny and cute. I love their bond and how they always have each other back, although most of the time they like to tease each other. I felt this drama did characters connections better than the two dramas above. In the other two dramas, side characters were just side characters and I don’t think I felt any emotional attachment to them. However, in Love 020 I honestly fell in love with Xiao Nai’s roommates.

The shortcoming of this drama is sometimes Yang Yang looks too stiff. He does that mischievous smile well but the way he carries himself seems unnatural. Yang Yang is definitely handsome and he makes a good Xiao Nai but he is too aware of the camera and often feels the need to stand up straight and puff out his shoulders. Additionally, Zheng Shuan looks really uncomfortable in her intimate scene with Yang Yang. Yang Yang is going all out and Zheng Shuan looks like she wants to be a turtle and retract in her shell. Believe me when I say they both play their character well, but when they are together it does not feel as natural as Zhao Li Ying and Zhang Han in Boss & Me.

In conclusion, the three dramas are very similar because they all have a laid back vibe which sometimes make the drama feels slow. There is no major villain. Characters meant as romantic foil were never too extreme and they always redeem themselves in the end; although the guy in My Sunshine is questionable. You will fully support the main couple from the beginning to the end and love every moment when the guys goes goo goo gaga over their lady love. One thing I really like about these three dramas is that the main couple ALWAYS ate together. Breakfast for Mosheng and Yichen, lunch for Wei Wei and Xiao Nai, and every meal of the day for Shan Shan and Feng Teng. A family that eats together, stays together.

I would recommend you watch Boss & Me for the leading couple chemistry, My Sunshine for freaking Wallace Chung(*swoons*), and Love 020 for the clever interweaving of game world and real world. If you are a girl, you can watch it and swoon or in my case sometimes cringe over the cheesy lines. If you are a boy, you should never let your significant other watch this because then they will be asking, ” why are you not Feng Teng/Yichen/Xiao Nai?”

Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 8.50.10 PM.png

Note: All the men in these dramas have a very stalker-ish tendency, which is cute when you’re handsome and the female leads love you but it is highly unrecommended in real life. I mean it people.


8 thoughts on “Chinese Dramas: Boss & Me, My Sunshine, Love O2O

  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, firstly I started watching Love 020 then I watched Boss and Me and now I want to watch My sunshine because of your post, I agree with you the chemistry between Shan Shan and Feng Teng in Boss and Me is amazing I really ship them, but I got upset with Wei Wei in Love 020 how come she looks suffer kissing to Xiao Nai? I used to ask all the times what is wrong with her?
    Anyway a really enjoyed reading your post and watching these two drama, then I hope to write to you my opinion about My sunshine I became fan of Gu Man. Greetings from Colombia!

    1. Thank you for reading my post. I really enjoyed those three dramas and I still rewatch them from time to time, but I have to say I enjoy the chemistry in Boss and Me the most. Enjoy watching My Sunshine! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on He Yichen(*swoon*) 🙂

      1. Hi again (>‿◠)✌
        I watched My sunshine and I really Loved It, Wallace Chung is so handsome I enjoyed every single episode because of him 😍, sometimes I hated him however I couldn’t help loving him as well. It is such a amazing drama and I put it on the top of the three (◕‿◕). I agree with you Mosheng’s fashion sense is… terrible and the OST is beatiful.
        I will be waiting for a Gu Man’s fourth drama she is a awesome writer 😊.
        Have a good day!!! 😉.

  2. I also really enjoyed all 3 of these dramas, as well as their novel counterparts. I agree with you on your points as well (seriously, Wei Wei looked like she wanted to be anywhere else when she was being kissed!). And Wallace Chung is awesome, as usual. I also really enjoyed his performance “General & I”, with Angelababy. If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend watching.

    Do you have any suggestions for fans of Gu Man’s dramas? Honestly, I love how the guys end up stalkerish, possessive, and domineering, although like you said, not so great in real life!

    1. Hi! Thanks for reading my post. I tried watching “General & I” but I could not stand Wallace Chung’s dubber in there for some reason. And I seriously lost it at the part where Angelababy was in the cave with him and her hair was blowing and the pose and… I just gave up, hahahahaha. I do wished I enjoyed it as much as you did because I was so excited because of Wallace Chung. However, during that same time “Three Lives Three World, Ten Miles of Peach Blossom” was also airing and I had no expectation on it but it ended up blowing me away. Ye Hua is just otherworldly and I love his character so much. Highly recommended! 🙂

  3. Hi, thanks for sharing. I’ve only seen Love O2O so far and loved it. I actually thought Xiao Nai and Wei Wei’s roles were well played, especially by Yang Yang. he seemed to match the book description perfectly (or course I read the English translation not the Chinese version unfortunately. ^-^). As for Wei Wei, seeing as her role is more of a shy, reserved girl, I can understand that she didn’t/couldn’t go all out in the kissing scenes, thought I wish she did. hehehe… Love Yang Yang!! Can’t wait to watch the other ones…

    1. I like sharing my thoughts on the drama I’ve watched so thanks for reading my post. Yang Yang and Zheng Shuan definitely played their character well. When I watched the movie version of Love O2O, I didn’t enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the drama because Yang Yang and Zheng Shuan left such a deep impression in my mind. But I have to say the graphic was a bit better in the movie. And to be honest we all know Yang Yang’s visual is incomparable. Enjoy watching the other 2 dramas 😀 !

      1. I finally got to watch Boss and Me. I totally agree with your thoughts. They are so cute! Can’t wait to see You Are My Sunshine next…

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