Kpop: Red Velvet



Red Velvet had a comeback guys. Check it out!

I really like the feel of the song; it feels like one of those video games. The song makes me happy although the music video is a bit morbid, hahaha. I really liked how they filmed and edited the music video though. As for the styling for this comeback, um… They look cute but I think some of their hairstyle and color does not do them justice *coughjoycough*coughseulgicough*.

I really liked how they edited this dance break.
I adore Wendy and her voice in this song, especially the “game you can’t control” part.

I have to say I am really happy that Red Velvet is sticking with their Red and Velvet concept instead of going with the trend or what will make them more popular to the public. My favorite songs from Red Velvet leans more toward the Velvet side but I think that they do both concepts really well so it is pretty hard to compare. Plus I usually like most of the songs in Red Velvet album so I guess it doesn’t really matter what they do.

One note, does anybody notice how SM is really good at making logos for their artists? It’s always so creative, eye catching, and on point.


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