Drama Updates: W-Two Worlds



Su Bong-ah! You need to stop drawing, quit your job, and move out of the country for good!

Is anybody watching W-Two Worlds? At first I really enjoyed this drama because of the fast pace and refreshing plot, but now not so much. Yes, the plot is still full of twist and turn but there is too many. Making the story more intricate, connected, and coherent would be better than filling it with one twist after another. I feel like the plot is lacking in depth.

Most of the time I keep thinking I am too stupid to keep up with the law of the two worlds but if new laws keep popping up and then there is also those variables then how is anybody suppose to know what is going on?

I’ll still keep an eye on this drama though because I really like the characters in the story and I am invested in the relationship between the two leads. Also I have to see how Su Bong ends up. Honey if you have to go see a doctor for heart problems, you know it is time to quit your job.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 2.32.08 PM.png


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