Tiniest thoughts:Friendship Letter

My dear bestie,

Hopefully you are having a joyful birthday. I have known you for more than 10 years and I have to say that I am a better person because I have you as my best friend. Although it may be cheesy and you’re probably either gagging or cringing your toes and fingers right now but I want you to know that.

We had so many adventures together. SMtown, DBSK, EXO’Lution, Hollywood, and even deep out in the wilderness. I am happy that I was able share those memories with you because they are some of the best days I had; although that 5 hours hike was a bit too much, any longer and you might have started killing me for bringing you along. Anyway, I hope that we will have many more adventures together and that we will remain friend even as we head down different path in life.

Thank you for listening to my ranting, my spazzing, and at the worst time, my pain and worries. I hope I can also be your pillar of support like you have been mine. Thank you for being my friend. Have a happy and wonderful birthday!


Your bestie



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