Kpop: Why is it so windy?

I know everybody has been going crazy over Twice these days but I find myself humming along to a different group. This does not mean Twice don’t deserve their success(don’t kill me Twice’s fans), they are talented and they do work hard.

I am loving Oh My Girl these days though. I remembered when Cupid came out and I didn’t like it that much but then I found myself humming to it. And then when I heard Closer, it was like a moth flying into the flame. I watched most of their performance of that song. I enjoyed Liar Liar and then I totally fell in love with Windy Day.

It is brilliant how Windy Day starts out all soft and dreamy like, then the music speeds up and finally that windy day chorus; I especially like the “Oh yeah~” during the windy day chorus. Every time I watch their stage I swear I literally see wind blowing whenever they do the chorus. I don’t know if there is really wind or it is just the clever design of their clothes.

Watch and fall in love ^.^

Some of my favorite Windy Day performance.

I like the one below because there is lyric translations.



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