Craft: Perler Beads

Over winter break I discovered something new, well I actually discovered two new things but that’s not important. Anyway, I found out about perler beads, they look like regular beads, and they are regular beads, but you can place them on a peg board and then melt the beads together to make anything. I think the ending product can be described as a pixilated image, at least that’s what it seems like to me. It’s very relaxing to place the beads on the board and make something. It was tedious too because my little cousin had a container full of perler beads with all the colors mixed together so if we wanted to make something, it was like a scavenger hunt, especially for the black beads. I think we like screamed out of joy that one time we found a black bead on the floor. I suppose you can avoid all of these problems if you buy beads that have been separated beforehand, but hey where is the fun and joy in that?

You know what, now that I think about it, this is very similar to cross stitching. When I was looking for design patterns,they reminded me of cross stitching pattern guide. If I take one of my patterns out now, I can probably make it with perler beads. For any of you who have cross stitching patterns, you should use that and see what becomes of it. I think perler beads are less tiresome and doesn’t require as much time. Believe there is still something I haven’t finished and I started that way back, as in five years ago. I know, shame.

For a simple project all you need is a peg board, some perler beads, wax paper, and an iron. You can find patterns online(they are literally everywhere) and I even got a little adventurous so I made my very own Exo Kris’ symbol.

    Work in progress


    Work completed


    Perfection, well…kind of…in my mind. Wu Dragon lord in the HOUSE!


Here’s the website where you can find more information about perler beads and the general cost of things:

The pattern for what I made:

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