Girls Generation MR MR Performances

SNSD Mr Mr Wallpaper HD Girls Generation 3As I said before I was unsure as to whether or not I liked Mr Mr as a song; it’s confirmed that I don’t like the music video. I can now confidently say that I like this song. It sounds really nice and catchy after a while, like I literally get excited when I hear Taeyeon’s “Let’s go~.” I like that there is no rapping either, yeah the girls say words here and there but there is no outright rapping, which is nice. It makes them different from all the groups that are out there these days, especially the girl groups.

I knew that in order for me to know if I liked the song or not I had to watch their live performances. There is something I’ve noticed about Girls Generation performances, it is that their first performance for a comeback is not always the best, they seem to lack energy and they are not as synchronize, however by the second performance which is like the next night, they become dramatically better. Charismatic, synchronized, stable vocals, and in general just amazing. And it just keeps getting better and better. I’m so proud of the girls!

I would like to change my opinion on some previous matters though. Now that I’ve seen the live performances, I think the line distribution is pretty fair in term of having most of the vocals sing and not just one or two people. The dance break is amazing and hearing Sone’s chants, wow. I was really in awe and I had like goosebumps all over. However, I think the transition out of the dance break is rather messy, like come on choreographer, you can do better than that.

The outfits for this comeback is DAE TO THE BAK. The style and the hair is perfection. Round of applause for the stylists, they deserve a raise. These outfits can be use as inspirations; professional but not boring. I wanna have a job and money just so I can buy myself some of these outfits. CLASSYYY~.

I’m going to put some of my favorite performances here(Honestly, I fear for that guy’s life every time he has to roll under soshi because have you seen the heels these girls wear? Dannnnggerrousss. I love that part where Jessica smacks her imaginary man, hahahahaha, cracks me up every time.):

I was writing this post and then BOOM the dance practice comes out. I love dance practice, I just adore stable video, you know? Nobody is having a spazztic attacks while watching or filming it. I love how those guys are hiding behind the pole.

Not MR MR but I really like some of the songs from this album.


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