Girls Generation Mr Mr Comeback

snsd mr mr teaser

Hello world, I am still alive(as alive as I can be). I know it’s been a whilee since my last post but I’ve been busy with school and stuff. I think the more honest excuse is that I’ve been a lazy bum and I haven’t done anything and right now I’m writing this because there is something I have to study for and I don’t want to. Ah~ can you smell the procrastination through the web. Anyway, I wanted to talk about this for a while now and vent because keeping this inside is like ignoring a stab wound.

Girls Generation comeback, you do not understand how excited I was for this comeback, you don’t understand. Yes, I follow their Japanese promotion but I always felt a little detached whenever my favorite artists promote in Japan, not that I have any problem with Japan. Anyway, when they announced Girls Generation comeback and that teaser came out I was just like “Help me lord for I have sinned,” I don’t exactly understand why I keep saying lord when I’m Buddhist to begin with. I was expecting a lot you know, that beat in the teaser was like danggggg, but then I have told you my reservation about SMent’s teaser. They make good teasers but the ending products is not always up to par with the teaser so I held my bated breath and waited patiently like a good sone. And that was when things went awry. I don’t know what it is but whenever I look forward to something it always go wrong.

First, there was that whole fiasco about how they deleted the music video footage. Like please, are you freaking kidding me? I’m sorry but this company earn what? About 34 millions dollars a year, I can’t do math but I’m sure that is a lot of zeros. You have that much money but you can’t afford a good team for Girls Generation comeback? What kind of fool would delete video footage from Girls Generation music video? I wanna call bullpoop on this so bad right now, you don’t even know. It makes no sense, yes, anybody can say that, “oh this can happen to anybody” or “it’s pretty common”, well bullpoop, okay, bullpoop. Do you understand how much money it cost to film a music video? Do you know how much effort it takes to film and edit a music video? Do you understand how busy Girls Generation are? A company as SMent making such a mistake and then having to spend more money to fix it, doesn’t make any sense to me. You don’t earn money by making mistakes. I don’t know what they’re doing in there but something smells like rotten eggs.

Next, it was the iTunes problem. The album getting released early because for god know what reason, at this point I’m just like wow it’s like the dominoes of catastrophe. What’s next? They decide to trash the whole thing and starts over and this mini album will just be a gift to the fan and there will be no promotion? *taps on wood* If this happen I might as well lay on a platter and let them eat me alive.

Then, SM decides to throw all their artist comebacks into the beginning of the year. Girls Generation, Dong Bang Shin Ki, and now even EXO. Yes, pitting your artist against each other, that is the way to go, that is a way to make sure they all gain equal success, and you earn money, right… Something must be wrong with the marketing team over there or something. I am not an economy major and I don’t handle money that well either but let us say, you have only 20 dollars because you are a poor student. Then suddenly all your favorite artist comeback and you just have to buy their albums but you can only afford one, who would you buy? Yes, you could save money and buy it next month or something but what happens when they don’t win on music shows? I know some people can say it does not matter if Girls Generation wins on music show or not because they are still on top. However, I believe that it is very important to win on music shows, even more so now when there is all these new girl groups. But I also think they deserve just that, you know I have been a Girls Generation’s fan for a long time, I cried during their first win on a music show and I cried even harder during that black ocean incident. I don’t think any group now would understand the isolation and pain when people conspire to purposely hurt you.

You know what I hope all of this is happening because of bad luck and it has no correlation to SM slowly deteriorating the qualities of work from the girls so that they can bring in the fresh meats from that smrookies thing they were doing. I honestly hope that they are not neglecting the girls and are just slowly ruining their career. I want to give SM more credit than that, I wished that all of this is happening because of bad planning. Honestly, what I want right now more than anything is for Girls Generation to take a year break–no tour, no commercial, no photoshoots. Just a long break and then come back with a full length album. People are saying that they are old only because they have been in the industry for long time and Korean aging system just messes everybody up. I’m pretty close in age to some of the girls and I think they are capable of continuing on with their music career even with all the surpluses of teenage idols. And even if they were to retire young, I want them to retire with a bang, with something that people will remember forever, nothing mediocre.

Meanwhile I will just be watching this video to calm my agitated heart and yes I really need to study too. When can I have a chip installed in my brain so that I don’t have to learn.


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