Craft: 3-D Origami

I completed this project in like July, when I was at home and had nothing to do and it was just one of those days when there was nothing interesting to do on the internet. I thought it was about time I completed this project. Now let me tell you this, I bought this kit to make 3-D origami because when I was at home cutting the rectangle out by myself and then folding them, god, I usually have a lot of patient but repetition can get boring, you know? So I would definitely recommend for those who wants to give this a try to go out and buy the kit and save yourself some time. I would like to remind you that there is a LOT of repetitive folding, but if you enjoy that part then props to you. I found that, yes it was kinda fun to fold in the beginning but then when you reach 100 pieces, your eyes will start twitching when you look at the origami paper. The fun part of this project was putting everything together. The kit I bought came with a ribbon and eyes but I opted to not use the eyes because I like my swan blind. Just kidding, I thought the beady eye would look weird and it’ll make the swan look cheap, if that makes any sense. Another thing you can do is to just buy any type of origami paper and make the design yourself, instead of having to buy a kit specifically for 3-D origami. There’s plenty of instruction online so you can be adventurous and make something other than a swan. Think about how cool a wolf would look in 3-D origami?! I would love to try that but my finger still remember the nightmare from all those folding so I probably won’t do anymore 3-D origami any time soon. Unless, I can trick my little cousin into becoming my folding factory by paying them in candy.
Here’s the swan I made:IMG_0961
Here how to fold the origami paper:

Here are some interesting ideas for your 3-D origami project:

Credits: Owner of videos


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