Running Man: 2 pm, Infinite, MBLAQ, B2ST, SISTAR, A Pink, Girl’s Day

I’ve been a big fan of Running Man ever since it began airing. For those who don’t know what Running Man is, it is a Korean variety show where guest and cast member compete for prizes. There are many Running Man episodes that I like, and I was thinking about listing some of them in another post. However, there are more than 150 episodes of Running Man and if I go through all of them again then I will throw up from overdose of variety. I figured it would be better to just call out my favorite as it airs and maybe when I feel nostalgic I would post about an old episode that I liked.
Last week episode guests were Chansung and Wooyoung of 2pm, L and Sunggyu of Infinite, Seungho and Lee Joon of MBLAQ, Doo Joon and Gi Kwang of B2ST, Dasom and Hyorin of SISTAR, Na Eun and Eun Ji of A Pink, and Yura and Minah of Girl’s Day.
Song Ji Hyo and B2ST: This was the team I rooted for because I love Miss Mong so most of the time I root for whatever team she’s in. Every time Mong Ji succeeded at what the boys failed, I swell with pride. GIRL POWER! I don’t know much about B2ST(as I have said in the Monstar post) but I would like to say that Yoon Doo Joon is a fine human being. I was swooning left and right for him the whole time. That man is gorgeous, manly, and charismatic(Wu Yi Fan, you better be careful!).IMG_1129

Ji Suk Jin and 2pm: The next group that I rooted for. Why? Because although they kept loosing, they were never irritated because of it. They were super optimistic and happy, how can I hate happy people? I’m glad they never gave up and always gave their best. I have a soft spot for 2pm too because of Chansung however, Wooyoung definitely won the award for outstanding performance on Running Man. I would also like to point out Wooyoung’s bouncy and shiny hair; where can I get me some Wooyoung shampoo so my hair can look like that? Overall, I’m glad that Ji Suk Jin was paired up with 2pm.
Haha and Infinite: This team was super adorable. From Sunggyu to L to Haroro, there was just too much cute on this team. I also have a soft spot of Infinite leader Sunggyu because whenever I watch snippets of Infinite on any show, Sunggyu always manage to make me laugh. I love the part where Kwang Soo was yelling at Sunggyu for trying to steal his signature dumb-face. In conclusion, Sunggyu is an adorable and likeable human being.
Kim Jong Kook and SISTAR: Hands down, my favorite introduction EVER. I mean Kim Jong Kook danced to SISTAR’s “Alone,” can you even imagine things like that? It’s something that I cannot unseen and I loved every minute of it. It was perfect. Somehow this team always manage to be on the top ranking so they had a large advantage over the other team during the last game. Dasom kept saying she liked Kwangsoo and I was expecting a serious love line but that didn’t happen. Poor Kwang Soo and his failed romances.
Kang Gary and A Pink: Gary dancing to “Nonono” was also one of the highlight. Other than that A Pink was not very memorable. Na Eun doesn’t speak much and Eun Ji almost became the next Young Girl Warrior after Minzy(2NE1).
Lee Kwang Soo and MBLAQ: The group that people underestimated because none of the member seem particularly strong. At least Suk Jin had Chansung and Wooyoung, this team had Lee Joon who was notorious for being weak on Running Man. There’s also Kwang Soo and we all know about Kwangvatar. However, this team also got first place in one of the game so don’t judge a book by its cover. Seungho and Lee Joon were clumsy, hahahaha, are all MBLAQ members like this?
Yoo Jae Suk and Girl’s Day: I loved hearing everyone complain about Yoo Jae Suk tight pant during the dance introduction. He was definitely at risk of getting a wedgie. I was really disappointed with Girl’s Day for not being able to stay the whole time for the show. I know they had a schedule to go to, but really? Their company need to be more organize or give the chance to another girl group. I was so sad that Mc Yoo had to do the last game by himself.

The teams competed in three different games and their ranking determined the amount of times they get for the final game. The three games were Swimming Pool Island, Blob Jump, and Dodge Ball. The final game included untying knots, solving a puzzle, which then release a key to unlock a gold flag. I never knew watching people untying knots was so intense until I watched this episode. Thanks to the editing, I was on edge the whole time hoping Miss Mong and B2ST would finish first. I won’t tell you who wins what because where is the fun in that? It would be best if you watch it yourself(muahahahaha).
Watch it here:
Excuse my terrible screencaps because I honestly don’t know how to do anything correctly(TT.TT). One of these days I’m going to learn Korean so I don’t have to wait for English subtitles anymore. Then I’m going to move to Korea so I don’t have to wait for the show to be online. After that I’m going to work for all the television network so I don’t have to wait for it to air.



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