Drama Updates: Good Doctor, Who Are You, Master’s Sun

Warning: A Waterfall of Spoilers
Good Doctor(9-10)
It was all about Park Shi On(Joo Won) personal growth this week. We see that what everybody teaches Shi On, does in fact affect Shi On in a positive way. He knows how to joke around in his monotone voice now and even laughs at joke. I laughed so hard when he was telling the story about what he said to the pregnant lady. They were worry that he gave a patient false hope again but turns out, he only gave her a suggestion and he even tells her to check with the specializing department first.WHAT?! It’s like my only son made the first goal at the little league game, can you imagine how proud I was?
Shi On’s mom finally meet the director and I hope we get to hear some actual story as to what happen. You can’t expect me to feel anything for her if she left Shi On when he was a child. There has to be a reason as to to why Shi On would block her out in his memory.
The little patients interactions continue to be cuter than ever. I shed a tear because of that boy singing during the hospital radio show. And Eun Ok might finally have a family soon, I’m definitely excited for that. Singing boy with the voice of an angel, please make Eun Ok happy.
Kim Do Han threatens to break up with his girlfriend because she was messing with the pediatric department funding. Hospital conflict, blah.
I find that there are many meaningful lines in Good Doctor and it just baffle me how the writer can be so eloquent when it comes to these things. I have trouble putting my thoughts down and making it coherent, yet Park Jae Bum(the writer) can use one line and that one line will have more meaning than my five paragraph essay.

Who Are You(11-12)
Cha Gun Woo(Taecyeon) finds out his sunbae, Choi Moon Sik(Kim Chang Wan), killed Lee Hyun Joon(Kim Jae Wook). Choi Moon Sik dies because hey, you don’t work for the dark sides without dire consequences. Gun Woo mopes around. Hot dead boyfriend, Hyun Joon, making a decision that will harm his soul. I swear if he does something stupid and a great guy like that does not get to reincarnated I’m going to have a little talk with the drama gods, only when I die, of course. I definitely knew that there was going to be a top dog in the police force that is helping the bad guys with the smuggling. If Heartless City taught me anything, it is that in dramaland, the police force is a corrupted place only because the top dog are actually dark lord of the underworld out to destroy all good and prevail evil in this world. Honestly, how am I suppose to trust any type of authoritative figure?
To tell you the truth, I’m about to stop watching Who Are You because right now it doesn’t have any drawn for me. The only reason I’m watching anymore is to see what happen to Kim Jae Wook, and even that might not be able to keep me on this boat.

Master’s Sun(9-10)

Why? Why? I got excited for not reason. It's just not the same.
Why? Why? I got excited for no reason. It’s just not the same.

I am happy that the drama is finally teasing us with the possibility of Gong Sil having her body taken over by a ghost. If obsessive husband did not give us any hint at what can happen in the future, I don’t know how else will. I love that his wife is a good spirit and she only came to slap some sense into him, not to take over Gong Sil body completely, unlike a suspect I’m suspicious of, *coughHeeJoocough*.
Excuse me, while I laugh at Mr.Bodyguard scaredy-cat personality and how he treat Tae Yi Ryung, the goddess(pshhh). I hope he gets a good dose of scare and then comes back fully prepare to be Gong Sil bodyguard.
Episode 10 really threw a curveball at me. Surprise would be a mediocre word to describe what kind of confusion I went through when daddy dearest decided to drop that bomb about a girl looking like Cha Hee Joo following Joong Won around. Like, she got a twin sister or what? Why is that person following Joong Won around anyway? Why is the dead Joon Hee so worry? Is he gonna get kidnap again? Man-nap?
I squealed so hard when Joong Won stood behind Gong Sil during that little meet up. Gah! He was so monotonically sweet. Can you imagine? The most deadpan delivery of cute nickname. When he confesses to Gong Sil at the end, I was like “Finally!” It’s funny how in this drama the hero and heroine is honest to everyone else, yet when it comes to each other, they start useless metaphors competition. Because why? Because Joong Won doesn’t like to lose, like ever.

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