Exo Music Video Drama Version Episode 2

Now I was really disappointed with the Drama version Episode 1 because well it did not have any plot. Basically the main point of that episode was to show us Luhan parkour-ing and how hot everybody is. Then I waited forever for the second one. For episode two, they used the song “Baby Don’t Cry” and “Growl”, which are some of my favorite songs.
What Happened?
D.O. at the hospital. Luhan gets beaten up by thugs. Exo helps him. Tear erases tattoo(the heck?). Kris shows up pissed off. Kris beats up the girl for erasing the freaking cool tattoo(I wish). The end.
How I Feel About It?
Well let’s just say I declared myself to have a bias recently and his name is Wu Yi Fan so I am glad that he at least appeared on the screen for longer than two seconds. What I don’t understand about this drama is the girl character, she is very unnecessary. I know their whole concept revolve around wolves and beauty but I just feel like she is not needed. This might be spoken from my crazy ass fangirls feel but I honestly would connect more emotionally with the drama version if there was more bromance involve. Secondly, if that girl can act and show me a different expression then I might feel somewhat drawn toward her but she just seem so expressionless and stiff that when she shows up everything just gets disjointed. I demand bromance. That will be better for everybody.
This drama version shown us that there is a plot, even though we don’t know what it is yet because they only hinted at it in the end when Luhan tattoo disappears and Kris showing up angry. I’m going to look forward to the next episode however, I have doubt. From following SM for many years I noticed that SM Entertainment is especially good at making teasers but when it comes to the actual things, it was always the same and less entertaining than the actual teasers. They left us with a cliffhanger at the end and I’m worry that SM can’t deliver the goods.
Some Funny Part From the Drama
How do those thugs know Luhan phone number anyway. I mean my enemy would be the last people I would give my number to. Luhan getting the daylight beat out of him and all the Exo members are slowly catwalking to see the thugs. Kai only pushing Luhan around when he appears with his girl, I mean come on Kai, you got your chick stolen, beat him up or something. Kris showing up at the end, how can anyone take his wolf face seriously when his lips are so shiny from lip gloss. What the heck is with the healing tears. Kyungsoo,honey, you just got out the hospital, what are doing at the fight scene?
What I Like About It
Obviously, the fight scene because Tao looks freaking cool. SM putting their 360 camera to good use for the fight scene. Kris appearing at the end because I thought he was seriously not going to be in the drama at all because he left in the beginning.

I’m excited for what going to happen next because finally there might be a plot going on. Does that mean there will a new song then(maybe Let Out the Beast)? I hope there is but at the same time I don’t because the boys seem so busy these days that they don’t have enough time to sleep so I think a resting period should be in order after Growl promotion. However, when I was watching Idol Sport show I saw that some of them were dancing randomly and it could be that they are practicing for a new song. They did do some Growl dance move at Idol Sport, way before they were going to promote Growl so they might be teasing us again this time.
SM Entertainment, I would like to formally request that you put out how many episode there are and when you’re going to release them. Please save my soul from insanity. Or are you guys going to be a bunch of donkeys and make us wait ten thousand more year before you release episode three?
Here’s the drama version:

Credits: SM Entertainment.


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