Drama Marathon: Monstar

Warning: Spoilers aheadBNDe1UaCYAAnh-g.png large
I watched Monstar with low expectation and I was pleasantly surprised. I had low expectation because I did not know any actors in the drama and I don’t really follow B2ST activities so I don’t know anything about Yong Joon Hyun, let alone his acting ability. However, after watching the drama for a while I recognized Kang Ha Neul who played Jung Sun Woo; he was the other high jumper in To the Beautiful You with F(x)’s Sulli and Shinee’s Minho. Ha Yeon Soo is a totally new face to me or maybe I’ve seen her somewhere and just completely forgot because my memory does that to me all time.
Moving on to the plot, Yoon Seol Chan(Yong Joon Hyun) is an idol or a star who’s arrogance yet vulnerability gets him in all sort of trouble. From crazy fangirls to the love of his life, he just doesn’t know how to deal with them. Min Se Yi(Ha Yeon Soo) is a queer transfer student who will speak her mind whenever she feels necessary. The drama revolves around the interaction between the students at school, who were a little bit different from others. These weird students include Min Se Yi(Ha Yeon Soo), Yoon Seol Chan(Yong Yoon Hyun), Jung Sun Woo(who is only weird because he’s freaking perfect), Kim Min Young(Shin Eun Ha), Cha Do Nam(Park Kyu Sun), Park Kyu Dong(Kang Ui Shik), and Kim Na Na(Da Hee). Oh and these kids also have exceptional musical talent, no biggie.
On to the main couple! I think Min Se Yi(Ha Yeon Soo) and Yoon Seol Chan(Yong Joon Hyun) interactions are cute and since they have enough chemistry together, there is never a dull moment when they are around. Se Yi brings out the non-idol quality of Seol Chan, I mean not like he was very nice to begin with but we get to see more of his sensitivity and clueless personality when he interacts with Se Yi. She is just so weird and deadpan in her joke delivery that he can’t help but be swept along with her.
Min Se Yi and Yoon Seol Chan are not just the main focus here. We also get some nice back story on the other band member of Color Bar. Color Bar is a band that includes Yoon Seol Chan, Min Se Yi, Jung Sun Woo(Kang Ha Neul), Kim Min Young(Shim Eun Ha), Cha Do Nam(Park Kyu Sun), Park Kyu Dong(Kang Ui Shik), and Kim NaNa(Da Hee). Each member of color bar gets their own tidbits of story and they get to demonstrate their musical talents too. So there are episode where these side characters become main characters. Each story has a lot of hearts which helps you feel more connected to every character in the drama, not just the leading character. I have a complaint about Min Se Yi though, how can she choose Yoon Seol Chan when there is a flawless being name Jung Sun Woo next to her, seriously. She must be masochistic. I have to admit that in the past I became bored with second male lead because they all seem to follow similar character trajectory. However, Jung Sun Woo felt different. Although yes he was the perfect second male lead pinning for the Se Yi, he also interacted with other secondary character to help them come out their shell. His niceness wasn’t just on the surface because the Jung Sun Woo had depth. He’s rich, he sings, he’s smart(duh, class representative), he’s nice, he plays more musical instruments than I can count, he volunteer at the freaking children hospital, and he knows when to let go. Seriously, like what’s wrong with Se Yi?

Best love triangle confrontation. EVER.
Best love triangle confrontation. EVER.

You know what, her mom also had a Seol Chan and a Sun Woo problem too. However, her mom ended up choosing the Jung Sun Woo of her time(well duh, who wouldn’t). The sad thing is that past Jung Sun Woo ended up dying so I’m pretty sure I don’t want that to happen to this Jung Sun Woo. I rather have the Jung Sun Woo now be available now and he shall be available forever as long as this drama exist. You get what I mean?
The music for this drama is amazing of course because everybody can carry a tune by themselves. I like that even though Se Yi sings well, she is not always the main character when it comes to Color Bar’s public performances. The drama is honest about who can do what better than the other and the job of each Color Bar member is distributed base on their talents. They did many rendition of K-pop song and made it so good and different, it took me a while to figure out who originally sang it. I would like to be honest here, whenever Color Bar perform against All For One, I always find myself liking All For One performance better. Yes, Color Bar is very colorful and creative but I feel that All For One performance is more my style. For Color Bar, I am more drawn toward the behind the scene, when they are just practicing, where you can only hear their voices and instruments. I’m just talking about their performances, when it comes to personality, well, let’s just say, three people in All For One need to get slap in the face;especially that pair of brother and sister–you know who I’m talking about. Try watching that drama and then try telling me you don’t feel a bit violent when they appear on the screen. Props to them as actors though.
The characters in this drama experiences many things, from complicated family issues to dog poop(I’m serious) so there really isn’t a dull moment. Overall, I really enjoyed the drama. Would I watch it again? Well yes, for all the musical performances and Min Se Yi deadpan joke delivery. I recommend this drama to those who enjoys musically oriented drama. Also if you like watching a perfect second male lead gets ditch for being a perfect human being, then you will enjoy this too.
Some of my favorite performances(witness my biasness toward a certain someone):

Try and tell me that his voice does not make you weep internally about Jung Sun Woo not getting the girl.

Credits: Owner of pictures and video.


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