Drama Update: Master’s Sun, Good Doctor

Warning: Spoilers ahead
As I was reading over some of my old post, I realized that I am quiet spazztic(definitely not a word) when it comes to these drama update. Sorry about that, but I just can’t help it because only certain episode makes me feel like I want to word vomit on everybody. I did just that on my previous post about Good Doctor, so I figured now would be a good time to introduce Good Doctor. Additionally, I will write some thoughts on Master’s Sun.

Good Doctor
Park Shi On(Joo Won) is a young doctor who suffer from autism so contrary to his adult appearance, his mentality is that of a young child. However, when Shi On was young, a doctor discovered that Shi On had an amazing ability of remembering complicated text, additionally, Shi On could picture the human body down to the smallest detail in his head. Park Shi On dream is to become a pediatric surgeon and he is currently working at Cha Yoon Seo’s hospital(played by Moon Chae Won) under Kim Do Han(Joo Sang Wook). The drama revolves around the different cases at the hospital and Shi On experiencing prejudice due to his inability to communicate and interact with others.
At first, I watched this drama casually and in the beginning I was definitely not use to Joo Won’s acting. For those who watches 1 Night 2 Days like me, then you can definitely spot Joo Won’s child-like personality when he is Park Shi On. However, the more I watch, the deeper I fell for Joo Won’s character, he seriously is the most adorable thing ever. From the way he interacts with the kids to his earnest personality, it’s all too much for me.
As I mention before, the whole hospital ownership business bores me so sometime I just fast forward, so I can’t tell you much about those moments. All I know is Joo Won + children – hospital executive = happy me.
Here’s a video of adorable Joo Won eating fish. Yes, he eats like his character in real life too. He’s a manchild.

Master’s Sun(Episode 7-8)
I have a theory about Master’s Sun, I feel that Joong Won’s aunt was the actual kidnapper. I just got that feeling when the drama showed her making regular donation to Cha Hee Joo’s orphanage. Kim Mi Kyung(the actress playing Joong Won’s aunt) definitely is not here for merely an aunt character, there has to be something more to it.
Something that I was worry about was that Kang Woo(Seo In Guk) was going to install a camera or a listening device into the dinosaur Gong Sil doll and give it to her as a present. Since he gave up on her privacy at the end of episode 7, that was something that worried me, and if he did that then I’m pretty sure I would have thrown him and all his good deed in the dumpster. Then Joo Joong Won(So Ji Sub) went and acted all nice to her so he could use her. Poor Gong Sil, what is wrong with all the men around her? They’re either dead or they have stinky personality. Thank God Joong Won is changing slowly, I can’t wait until the day when the first thought out of his head is Gong Sil and not money.
That singer, Tae Yi Ryung(Kim Yoo Ri), is like so not busy for being a top star. I’ve only seen her do one weird commercial and the rest of the time, she is either at the mall or anywhere else Mr.Bodyguard is. Doesn’t she need to go somewhere and be famous or something?
About Joong Won’s dead girlfriend, she seems like a terrible person, no offense. I mean there is being honest and then there’s people using their honesty to be mean. I cannot like her, no matter how much it feels like she did really love Joong Won and still is loving him. It’s definitely going to scare my pants off when she actually does take over Gong Sil’s body, since the drama has been hinting at that. If she does take over Gong Sil body, then where does Gong Sil soul go? Will she wander the earth like the lady she helped at the hotel or will she simply disappear? I’m going to look forward to more answer from this drama.

Master’s Sun and Good Doctor probably planned to break my heart this week because it was all about bad parenting. Seriously, those children made me cry. I recognized the kid in Master’s Sun who played Ha Myung Goon’s dead child in Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident. I shed buckets of tears because of this kid and he went and did it again in Master’s Sun. How much more tears do you want from me?!

I'll remember that pout anywhere.
I’ll remember that pout anywhere.

Credits: Owner of video and pictures.


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