Drama Update: Good Doctor, Who Are You

I was watching episode 7 of Good Doctor and I felt so much rage in the beginning that I had to find a place to vent out my anger. Honestly, if good people were as smart as evil people, we would have less problems in dramaland. Nobody had the thought of checking the security camera except for the one evil mastermind; at this point I’m not even sure what the assistant director motives are. I thought all those people who believed in Shi On would find a way to prove his innocence but all they did was mope around, act indifferent, vent anger at stupid evil people, and give dumb advice thinking it’ll help him some way. I felt so disappointed in everybody in that drama I was about to slap (insert bad word). How the heck did Eun Ok’s guardian get off with a warning? I mean, look at the kid. I don’t understand the law in this universe. Eun Ok needs Lawyer Jang in her life.
This drama really is my rage drama. Thank god there are cute and adorable children in the drama who seems to be way smarter and less judgmental than the doctors. I watch this drama for the patient and doctor interaction, when it comes to the whole “who’s going to wear the pant at this hospital” part, my eyes just roll to the back of my head.

I felt really emotionally detach from episode 9 of Who Are You while I was watching it, probably because there wasn’t enough ghost boyfriend. Well at least until the end. I do not accept this, my feels does not accept this.image (3)
Honestly, how can you look at this image (1)and not feel like you’re missing out on some amazing chemistry and cute that could’ve been if they were the main couple; even if he was dead. I don’t care what anyone says, I’m rooting for the dead guy, even though I know that it will only end with heart breaks and mental break down, I can’t help it. I know that by the time this drama ends Lee Hyun Joon(Kim Jae Wook) would’ve had ripped my heart out, chewed on it, spat it out, and burned it to ashes. image (2)


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