Drama Comparison: Who Are You vs. Master’s Sun

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Who Are You
Yang Shi-On(So Yi-Hyun) is an officer who wakes up from a coma with the ability to see ghosts. Cha Gun-Woo(Taecyeon) works under Yang Shi-On at the lost and found center. While trying to recover her lost memory, Yang Shi-On uses her ability to return lost items to the living relatives of the ghost she meets. She also has a hot but dead boyfriend named Lee Hyun Joon(Kim Jae Wook) that she can’t remember; if I was her I would definitely remember him.

Master’s Sun
Ever since her accident, Tae Gong Sil(Gong Hyo Jin) can see ghosts. Her ability keeps her awake at night and makes her the crazy lady everyone wants to avoid. One day she meets Joo Joong Won(So Ji Sub), who can help her solve all her ghostly problems, if only he’d let her touch him for more than two seconds. The drama builds around the ghost which Gong Sil can see and her struggles as she tries to pass on messages from the dead.

Honestly, I enjoy Master’s Sun a little more than I do Who Are You because in my opinion So Yi-Hyun and Taecyeon doesn’t have any chemistry together. When they’re together I don’t feel drawn to the drama at all. However, So Yi-Hyun and Kim Jae Wook has that spark but the show went and made him the dead boyfriend(sad face). Seriously, that man can act and he doesn’t even need to say a word. I guess the writer is just trying their best so that we have to root for Taecyeon’s character. It’s a type of physical barrier that makes us aware that he is after all a ghost and that she needs to move on with her life with someone alive. It breaks my heart to see the preview for episode 8, can’t the beings above make a special rule so they can be together. Honestly, I’ll take the crazy time jump and reincarnation like in Gu Family Book. I’ll take it all, just let them be together. I’m glad that at least Lee Hyun Joon(Kim Jae Wook) can talk to Jang Hee Bin(Kim Ye Won), the fortune teller. Their interactions are funny in my opinion because she is actually trying to negotiate with a ghost. If she is going to do something for him, he needs to do something in return. If it was me I would be too scare to say anything let alone negotiate. The funny thing is that she can actually touch him, I’m not sure if Yang Shi-On(So Yi Hyun) can yet because she didn’t try. I mean if they can actually touch each other then it’s over for me. Cha Gun-Woo(Taecyeon) can just pack his bag and move to the special investigation unit or whatever.
In Master’s Sun, Tae Gong Sil(Gong Hyo Jin) and Joo Joong Won(So Ji Sub) interactions are so amazing that I just want to watch them all day. I laughed so hard at the scene where Gong Sil had her body taken over by different spirit at Joo Joong Won’s house. Let us not forget about the importants of skinship in this drama. Has anyone ever seen a more desperate heroine? In some other drama the only skinship we get is when they ‘accidently’ falls on top of each other. If dramaland expresses their wants/needs/desire as much as Gong Sil does then there would be so much cute, I can’t even. The ghost are so scary here, if I have to see those ghosts for the rest of my life then I would definitely try to have as much skinship with my ‘bomb shelter’; not because he ‘rich and handsome’ or something.
The ghosts definitely play an important part in these dramas. Each ghost have their own touching story, I mean how can you beat a lingering spirit trying to communicate with their love ones so that the living can continue living and the dead can move on. I have to admit that the ghost in Master’s Sun is not for the weak of heart whereas the ghost in Who Are You are more toned down. I can’t handle scary movie at all and I tend to stay away from them so I find myself, sometimes, watching Master’s Sun with my face in my hands. What I like about the ghost in Master’s Sun is that they can actually talk to Gong Sil, which makes it easier for her to figure out what they want. Whereas in Who Are You, the ghost don’t talk at all so all Yand Shi-On can do is follow them and get frustrated when she doesn’t understand what they’re trying to tell her.
Overall, I still enjoy both dramas and I can’t wait to see what will happen as the drama progresses. I want to know why Gong Sil can see ghost and why is it that she looses that power whenever she touches Joo Joong Won. I want to see Gong Sil demonstrate her knowledge in front Joo Joong Won so that he would be surprise at how smart she is. As for Who Are You, I want to know more about Lee Hyun Joon(Kim Jae Wook). So far I know that he was obviously murdered by someone he trusted, however, why would someone do that is what I want to know. Was it for monetary gain or what? Honestly, some of these Korean dramas make police work seem like shady business(*coughHeartlessCitycough*).

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2 thoughts on “Drama Comparison: Who Are You vs. Master’s Sun

  1. I watched both dramas so I can say they are really good ones for me (⌒‿⌒) , Who Are You surprised me because of the end, I mean the reason why Lee Hyun Joon is dead (o_O) even though I was expecting a “miracle” for him 😫, and in Master’s Sun I enjoyed watching that couple ( ˘⌣˘)♡(˘⌣˘ ) despite of I am not into scary movies or dramas, I laughed every time Gong Sil wanted to touch him 😏 and of course the OST was AMAZING I still remember Touch Love by Yoon Mi Rae, Crazy Of You by Hyorin and Day and Night by Gummy ❤ 😍

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, Lee Hyun Joon will forever leave a scar in out hearts and how I wish he wasn’t the dead boyfriend. He can be the boyfriend just not the dead part :D. Yeah, I tend to run away from horror movies screaming so I avoid them at all cost but the chemistry in Master’s Sun was so sweet, it wiped out all the scary.

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