Exo Dance Practice without the Cute Name Tag

SM just released a dance practice for Exo “Growl” and there is a Chinese and Korean version. Would it be weird to admit that I liked watching their dance practice better than watching it on live music show. The camera focused on all the right member. I don’t have to worry about jerky camera that makes my eyes twitch and gives me headaches. I was not distracted by the volume disparity between their voices and the music. Last of all I loved their regular outfits more than some of their stage outfits. Okay, most of them looked pretty good in their school uniforms but I would like to point out that there were some outfits that I needed to burn, or at least shoved into the far corner of a closet, you know into that fourth dimension where all our socks seem to disappeared to.
I liked this cameraman. He knew all the right angle and stuff that help strengthen our fangirls spirit. No wonder Exo wanted to call their fan ‘exorcist'(Somebody, please stop them!).


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