Vietnamese Cuisine: Bún đậu mắm tôm(vermicelli noodle with shrimp paste)

Master chef=my mom :)
Master chef=my mom 🙂
Recently my mom, my aunt, and I went to a restaurant that we regularly visited to try bún đậu mắm tôm(vermicelli noodle with shrimp paste) for the first time. I heard this dish is really popular in Vietnam and I can see why. I love the dish simplicity and deliciousness. My mom tried to replicate the recipe at home and the recipe is pretty much self-explanatory by looking at the food. There’s vermicelli noodle, fried tofu, boiled pork belly, cucumber, lettuce, mint, fish mint, and perilla. Honestly, the heart of this meal is the dipping sauce, shrimp paste. My mom made it by mixing shrimp paste, sugar, lemon(kumquat juice is preferred though), garlic, and chili. There really isn’t a set amount for the ingredients listed, you just mix it base on how you like it. I have to admit that this meal is not for everybody because shrimp paste is not the nicest smelling thing in the world. When my aunt in Vietnam made it for an English teacher from Australia, he said the smell made him sick. Shrimp paste smells really bad but once you get use to the smell and give it a try, it will become a taste you can never forget.


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