Thoughts on I Hear Your Voice Episode 17

Warning: Spoilers ahead

I just watched the English subbed version of episode 17 and I have to say that I feel no shame for my endless love for Park Soo Ha. Seriously, I really love this drama character.
Reason why Park Soo Ha should be on top of the pedestal for Korean drama characters:

    1. He knows to asked Min Joon Gook to let him hear Hye Sung voice to make sure she was alive because Hye Sung did not do that. In a way he made sure that Min Joon Gook actually had Hye Sung before he even went there by himself.
    2. He called for freaking HELP. How many time can you count on the hero/heroine in a drama to call for help when they’re being threaten and need to go face someone by themselves? It’s pretty much nonexistent.
    3. He guess that Hye Sung was still alive from Min Joon Gook behavior. Like seriously, who has times for deductive reasoning while facing a murderer.
    4. He looks good in everything he wears.(Shallow? I know…but it’s true)

I really want to thanks this drama writer for writing such rational characters. Not just Park Su Ha but also Hye Sung, Lawyer Cha, and every other character in this drama. They felt so real that it helped me feel emotionally connected to them.

I have some complaints about this episode though. I felt the whole beginning sequence, that told us what happened,unnecessary because it was self-explanatory from episode 16. If they really wanted to show us Min Joon Gook conversation with Hye Sung it would’ve been fine just to have the opening shot be of Hye Sung opening her eyes and observing the surroundings. I think I would be okay with a cliché opening rather than have redundancy. Additionally, when Min Joon Gook was arrested, I thought everything was over and had trouble guessing what the next episode was about until they mentioned Soo-Ha stabbing Hye Sung again. I guess it only makes sense that he has to deal with the consequences. Min Joon Gook has to deal with the consequences of murdering people and so will Soo Ha for hurting Hye Sung. However, I feel that is such a small plot point that it will not be a very fulfilling episode if that will be the main focus.
I will look forward to the next episode being filled with closure and happy ending that our lovely characters deserved.


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