Exo “Growl”

Exo just released their music video for Growl and well it was amazeballs. I like that there was no awkward cut because everything was filmed in one take. Exo was perfect considering they had to be for the one take, well Kai did drop his hat but he rescued that dead fish so fast it didn’t even have time to say “hi” to God. Everytime the boys touched the camera it felt like they were freaking caressing my face, ahhh my delusional fan girl’s feel.
I will mention it again that there’s so much rhythm in this song that every time I listen to it I can’t help but move my body along with it, it’s just so groovy and it will definitely find a nice home on my music player. I have so many favorite parts but I will give a special shout out to the floor action when either Chanyeol(Korean version) or Tao(Chinese version) rapped in the middle. I also liked the beat in the beginning, like you know it’ll be good from only the few notes in the beginning and I still find the sweeping hand thing in the beginning funny no matter how many times I watch it. I’m glad Xiumin has more parts where he can stand in front because I like to watch him dance. Of course, Lay and Kai were exceptionally swaggalicious.
I like their outfits and I know it’s suppose to be a school uniform but some of them(D.O. and Baekhyun) looked like they were wearing a tuxedo because of the bow. Luhan and Tao looked like those bad boys from school that you can’t help but feel attractive too. Duizhang freaking look like a model(all possible definition of model applies) student. Suho, what happen to your school uniform? Someone seriously cut half of his pant off. Chen looked like the outgoing good looking boy in class that all the girls have a crush on.
One thing I wished was that the abandoned building? Garage? Basement? Parking space? Place where Exo was kidnapped? Anyway, it needs better lighting.
Who’s excited for their comeback tonight(korea) and at 2:00 am for U.S fan(*sigh*)…

Credits: SM Entertainment for the videos and debuting these boys.


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