Exo “Growl” Leaked

AHHH, what is this perfection?! There’s so much swag and rhythm going on and everyone looked so good. I really like the rhythm and them stealing hats from each other and passing it on was a nice detail. The floor action during Chanyeol rap was smooth and well-delivered. All in all the choreography and the song was amazing. I wish I knew how to dance!
The big name tag looked so cute on everybody especially Suho because his name was also on his shirt. Suho is thinking about us international fan or the man really wants you to know his name. I watched the video many times and I don’t think this is their dance practice but it’s a video they send out to music programs so that the cameramen know who to focus on during the song, that’s why when some of them sing they raised their hand. Some of them do the hand raising so naturally that I didn’t notice it the first time around or maybe I was just to awed by their “roll like a buffalo” amazingballness that I failed to notice it the first time around.
I can’t wait till next week to watch it live. Who needs beauty sleep anyway.


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