Vietnamese Cuisine: Bánh Tráng(Spring Roll)

avocado-spring-rollsBánh tráng(spring roll) with marinated beef for dinner! Spring rolls are perfect during the summer heat and it contains a lot of flavors. It’s very light, so that even if you eat many spring rolls you don’t feel a sluggish or heavy feeling like when you eat something greasy. Beef, pork, chicken, and even seafood can be use as meat. As for the vegetable, there is lettuce, mint, cucumber, basil, cilantro, fish mint, and basically anything else that suits your taste. Spring rolls are very versatile, you can mix any vegetable and meat and it will still taste good; but it won’t be a roll anymore. Trust me it is a meal that is very hard to mess up, even if the rice paper ripped and all the filling splatter all the the plate, it will still taste good. The dipping sauce plays a very large part in its good taste. At home I like to use fish sauce with either carrot or pickled leek. Spring rolls are easy to make so you can easily buy the ingredients and make it yourself at home.

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