TVXQ! Live World Tour Catch Me in L.A.

safe_imageI went to TVXQ concert on July 5 and it was amazing. It’s so hard to describe how amazing Homin was but I just have to say that to be able to sing and dance for three hours is an amazing feat; I was exhausted from just waving my glow stick.
I went to the concert with my best friend and her cousin. We got there close to when the concert started. However, I wished that we did get there earlier so we could get one of the white paper for the fan event. It was a nice touch when the camera showed Homin and the fans on the same screen, it was really emotional and it gave me a flashback to all those times when I was younger. I used to wait for their pictures to be online after an event so that I could spazz about it. I can still remember seeing Yunho on X-men and then searching for videos of him online. Back then I didn’t have my own computer so I had to borrow my brother computer for a few hours each day just to watch their video. I devoted so much time to them and to be able to see them live yesterday was like a dream come true.
Homin actually went into the audience and they said it was their first time to do so and I can understand why, it was like a groping festival. I just basked in Yunho’s glorious presence. I think I was too shock to even move at the moment cause it felt so surreal.
I loved all the video played during the concert and all the graphics were amazing. The one video where they were exercising vigorously was funny but man, check out them MUSCLE! I liked the one when they were fighting with the ninjas in suits and the way they held those sword was just wow. I would like to voice out my dissatisfaction with the Yunho and Sulli video, I mean was the kiss really necessary? Fine, I am jealous…
They sang a lot of their korean songs and some japanese songs translated into korean. However, during the concert I wished that they performed Love in the Ice, that is one of my favorite song from them and if they actually sang that song I probably would have cried. I don’t have a favorite performance because I LOVE all of them, I really did. I literally felt all the passion they put into each song and was amazed at how much energy they put into each one, even though it was a three hour concert. Additionally, DBSK songs are pretty intense when it comes to dancing and they never sounded out of breath. All I can do is bow down to their amazingness and become mesmerize by their stage presence. Poor Yunho fell toward the end when he was trying to do a flip up on stage, I hope he’s okay. He said he’s okay but he is the type of guy who would continue on with a concert even if his leg was broken so his testimony about his own health cannot be trusted at all.
Yunho, oh Yunho~ you and your weird gyrating. I think that was too much for my innocent eyes. I had to turn away during that sinful solo, those of you who went knows what I’m talking about. Cheesiest line of the night goes to Changmin, “I didn’t know California girls were so beautiful,” that might not have been his exact words but there was definitely California girls and beautiful in there.
Overall, I loved the concert and I hope that all TVXQ fan can go to their concert because it will be amazing. The entire concert is hard to put into words so I would highly encourage all DBSK fan to go to their concert. I know there are different circumstances that make it impossible for people to go but I’ve waited for more than seven years to attend their concert so I think that if you really want it and patiently wait for it, it will happen.


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