Vietnamese Cuisine: Canh Chua(Sour Soup)

I can honestly say that when I asks people what vietnamese food they like, the most likely answer is phở. Phở is definitely delicious, one time I ate it for 2 meals a day for like 3 days because my mom makes really good phở. However, there is a varieties of vietnamese food from different region of Vietnam and I would like to introduce some of them in my blog from now on.
My mom made canh chua(sour soup) yesterday and it was delicious. There are many type of canh chua(sour soup). You can put fish, chicken, or even pork into the soup and the taste will be different depending on the ingredients although it will still retain the sour taste from the tamarind. The vegetables that go well with this soup are pineapples, tomatoes, okras, bean sprouts, stems of India taro plant, and mango shoots. My favorite is the chicken canh chua with mango shoots, although my mom made canh chua with fish yesterday she also added mango shoots and banana blossom. You can eat canh chua with rice and fish sauce as a dip for the fish and vegetables. Although the sour taste is not for everyone and sometimes the soup can get pretty spicy, I would still like to recommend this to those who enjoys a perfect blending of sour and spiciness in one bowl(or maybe three bowl if you are me). I’ve only found one place with a good sour soup, the place is call Quán Hương. The sour soup there is very good but the lines are always so long that sometimes I get discourage. Maybe next time I will take some pictures and review the restaurant, but it is pretty hard because I am always so hungry that it ends with me inhaling all the food and pictures of empty plates.
Credits: Owner of picture.


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