Thoughts on Some Dramas Currently Airing: The Queen’s Classroom, I Hear Your Voice, Heartless City

Warning: Post Contains Spoilers

The Queen’s Classroom
Right now I am diligently following The Queen’s Classroom with my little cousins. The kids in the dramas are about the same age as my two little cousins so I thought it would be interesting to get them to watch it with me. They are addicted, that is all I can say. Honestly, The Queen’s Classroom is an interesting drama because it kept my attention and I was very invested in these kids’ problems. All the kids have their own merit and also demerit but humans are all like that, especially, when we are young. I love Oh Dong Goo for his goofiness, but when you need him, he can be a serious friend who will defend you from all evil. Shim Ha Na is one brave child who willingly stood up for her friend and believed in them when they needed her(although I would love for there to be a little less tee-hee). Eun Bo Mi, misguided by her lack of trust however in the end she did the right thing and that is what counts. I still have to wait on my verdict for Kim Seo Hyun because I want to see an in depth episode on her. All these kids are amazing and let’s not forget the real child actors behind these kids whose acting proved that I am not weird for always loving childhood story in dramas. Now Miss Ma, wow that is one scary lady. I swear every time the camera pans to her standing in a little dark corner, it freaks me out. I cannot tell if she is a good teacher for wanting to change these kids or a bad one for using such harsh method. To me it was like she broke their legs, gave them a cast and a crutch, and then she goes on to break their other leg. Seriously, this women scares me. One scene that struck out at me was when Oh Dong Goo came back to school all happy and proud because he stood up against bullies only to have Miss Ma put him down by talking about his mother abandoning him; she crushed his pride and broke his smile. Although it caused Ha Na to stand up for him and declared that “she likes him,” still I thought it was very harsh.
It is hard for me to believe that some kids actually go through events depicted by the drama, but I know that it actually happens in real life and it breaks my heart to know that. Thinking back, the only fight I ever got into was when my best friend and I would occasionally slap each other. Not like we hated each other, we just wanted to show how much we love each other, right my friend? If your reading this post I would like to openly say that you have a very nice forehand.

I Hear Your Voice
Oh drama, drama, drama~ How thee breaks my heart. After the incident in episode 8 I swear that I was not gonna watch this drama anymore because my heart cannot take in all the hurts but hearing about the amnesia bomb in episode 9. My gosh, how can I deny it when it is like an unopened present with a little tear at the corner. I am seriously frightened by the killer. Min Joon Gook, you sir, are a smart and sinister killer. He is so scary because he knows how to work the system in his favor. The thought that someone you see everyday giving food to old people at church is a cold and sadistic killer in actuality is not pretty. This is when that cliché quote comes in “never judge a book by its cover,” seriously do not do it. Park Su Ha, you perfection, oh you, seriously drop the knife and walk away, okay? No more glaring and sitting by yourself in a dark room looking at a knife, okay? Turn on some lights and let me see that lovely smile. Maybe one, two, or ten shower scene again would be nice:D.
I Hear Your Voice has a nice way of portraying characters so that it’s hard for you to label them as evil or good. Honestly, people aren’t black and white in real life so the drama is very good at making me feel ashamed of myself for hating someone without knowing the full story. Like the twin brothers, I thought they were just evil but turns out there was a reason for their action, however that does not make their action right either and they were punished for it in the end by going to prison. Now Min Joon Gook is evil okay, he cannot be brought out of that hole. I had my shred of hope when he exhibited human emotions after Hye Sung’s mom gave him food but that all combusted and flushed down the toilet after what he did to her in return. I know I’m contradicting myself by saying that you can’t label someone as good or evil and then goes on to say Min Joon Gook is evil but seriously I believe that every character in there is a mixture of good and bad while only Min Joon Gook is dark black.

Heartless City
Doctor’s Son, why are you so hot? Stop staring at the camera with your intense glower, causing me to hyperventilate and instantaneously combust.
Heartless City is making me think that all cops are gangsters and all gangsters became cops with high position to bring more cops into the mafia world by using the excuse that they are undercover. Next thing we find out is Min Hong Ki is an actually dark lord of the underworld who only aim is to bring all the cops to their doom and destroys their righteous mind. I would not be surprise if he was the one who ordered the kill on Kyung Mi. The relationship between Shi Hyun and Soo Min got me really excited. I was so happy from all their little interaction at the convenience store. However, when they slept with each other I didn’t really feel any emotional connection. Am I weird for thinking that I liked their interaction better with Shi Hyun stabbed and bleeding. Yeah I must be weird. By the way, what was he doing with the medicine when he was treating his wound? That was really weird and cool at the same time.
I can get a little bit attached to drama and I think I take them way too seriously but that is how I enjoy my dramas. I emotionally invest in these characters, so that when they are happy, I am happy too. Weird, but that just how I roll, cause rolling is faster than walking. I make no sense sometime.
My conclusion from this post is that Park Su Ha and Jung Shi Hyun is hot, and that is all.


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