Manga Recommendation: Kanata Kara

from far away
I have the most love for this manga. Although I have read a lot of manga, Kanata Kara or From Far Away will always be special to me. Sometimes I would find myself rereading the manga just because I just wish more manga out there was like this.

Kanata Kara by Kyoko Hikawa is about a girl, Noriko, who was brought to another world where she met Izark, the sky demon. The manga describes Noriko and Izark’s journey as they fight against what fate has plan out for them.

What I like about Kanata Kara is that although the relationship between Noriko and Izark is important, it is not the main point. You can see how Noriko and Izark interact with the side characters intimately and how those people influence their live.
Every character is three dimensional, meaning none felt like they were bad people because they were born that way; there is always a back story for the antagonist and the fight scenes are an additional treat.

Now when I talk about Noriko I thank the gods that the girl got a good brain in her head. There were so many times in the past where I would get pissed off because the heroine did something stupid thinking it’ll be helpful for everybody. I know that’s kinda harsh but sometimes I wished some girls would sit her butt down; ain’t nobody going to say she’s lazy if she does nothing. Noriko choices and actions make sense because it’s not just all about noble idiocy.

Overall, I think everyone should give Kanata Kara a try although I can’t promise that everyone will love it but Kanata Kara has all the right element to keep the interest of its readers.

Credits: owner of the scans


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