A Dedication to “Important” Things

Korean Drama: I have watched quiet a few korean dramas in my life; maybe I have not lived that long, but still it is A LOT. My mom introduced me to Korean dramas and from there I was on the road to an addiction that gave me years of emotional roller coaster rides. For realz, if I was to count the amount of time I cursed out an evil character or squealed over the hotness of a male actor, I’ll probably be dead by the time I’m done. So do not be suprise when I blog or maybe spazz on dramas.

K-Pop: I’ve listened to korean pop for almost a decade now; wow that made me sound really old but it is totally true. I love k-pop, although I don’t understand half the things they’re singing about. I also like the charismatic and synchronize performances by korean bands. Sometimes I might talk about a new song or a group that I like.

Crafts: I must have a lot of time in my life because I have tried a variety of crafts and well abandoned most of them. However, like a crazy addict sometime I lapse back to a period where I want to restart a project so I might blog about that too.

Food: Anyone who knows me know that I love to eat and meat. I really respect all vegetarians out there but I just cannot do it. It’s like asking a fish to quit water-it’ll die. So I’ll spend some time blogging about food. For example, good restaurants, things I’ve tried, and the food my mom makes.

Manga: Okay I love to read manga and because I am such a girl, they’re mostly shoujo manga. I might post or review a few mangas that I have read and would like to recommend to other people.

Others: Life in general.


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