Manga Recommendation: Strobe Edge

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Strobe Edge by Io Sakisaka is another one of my favorite shojo manga. The manga is completed and has 10 volumes. The story is simple, but it has a strong emotional grasp on me. I don’t know if it’s just me but sometimes when I read something and it gets me so emotionally involved that my heart literally aches for these characters; or maybe I’m a hamburger away from a heart attack.

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The story revolves around the relationship between Ninako Kinoshita and Ren Ichinose. They meet for the first time in high school, although Ninako already knew about Ren because he was that boy in every manga that girls wrote love letters for and give chocolates to on Valentine day. There’s the crush, the girlfriend, the playboy, and all that love triangle goodies present in most Shojo manga. However, Ren is really different from other manga leading man.

Ren may be popular, but he’s not the type to bask in all the love he received. He does not have a nice side that is hidden under layers of arrogance and social detachment. His quiet demeanor and honest personality make him more down to earth and at the same time makes him even more appealing. Ren is likable, from his actions to his thoughts. I really appreciate his interactions with his friends and loved ones because you can clearly see the type of person he is through these interactions. I can understand why all the girls love him so much. He’s the type to protect the ones he loves or once loved even if in the process he ends up suffering alone.

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 7.43.54 PM.pngNinako, whoo that girl is so adorable, and I love her so much. She is so tiny and is just a ball of charm. She is unique, not weirdo unique, but special in a sense that you can feel her individuality. Some shojo female characters seem like they were molded from the same clay but even though Ninako has some of those characteristics, there are enough differences about her to set her apart from other manga heroines. I’m not even jealous she gets to be with Ren, they are perfect together. I just want to be her friend in the manga.

I know I’m not saying much, but I don’t like spoiling good things so it would be lovely if you all could read it for yourself. Reading this has me thinking about my first crush and all the emotional roller coaster I went through just because, you know? In my opinion, this manga seriously does a good job of capturing the emotion of liking somebody without being overly cheesy. I adored all the characters and backstories. Highly recommended!


The King in Love: Ep.1-10

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I waited until we reached the halfway point before writing anything about it so I can get a good grasp on the show. Whether you ship RinSan, WonSan, or WonRin(bromance), you and I both know it should be WonRinSan. Rating wise The King in Love usually hovers around 6% nearing 7%, and the rating is almost always lower on Monday than Tuesday. I can’t say that I’m not disappointed with the rating but that does not dim my excitement for the drama at all. I literally scream every time I see that a new episode has been uploaded with subtitles. I noticed that the episodes are being uploaded much faster now than before which means a lot more people are interested in it now. It’s well deserved interest because the drama is well written, well acted, and just overall well made.

*Spoilers on the San*

We start out when the main casts are adults, which is a very rare occurrence in drama sageuk land. The kids are good at acting their parts and they do somewhat resembles their adult counterparts. Kid Won seriously look like Siwan though, what a good looking kid.

I felt that the childhood portion was a bit short. The problem with the childhood portion being so short is that I never developed a sense of attachment to the relationship between RinSan or WonSan. The meeting was way too short for me fully understand the kind of emotional attachment Rin or Won developed with San; granted, they did witness her mom’s death and that kind of trauma stays with you for life.

However, the drama did focus on Won and Rin relationship development and how important Rin is to Won personal growth. Let us all admit that in a family that messed up, there’s no way Won would’ve grown up to be a mentally healthy kid. We can see some of his darkness when he mercilessly beat up that guard for just pushing San around. But, because of Rin existence and Rin helping Won escape from the stifling palace fill with deceit and power hungry people, Rin gave Won a chance to become a good person and maybe even a good king. I honestly love it when they sit down and chat because they do tell each other everything important. The kind of trust that they have for each other is strong because it has been developing over a long period of time. This is why when San appears again, it feels like she’s the bad one for coming in between their relationship. Please, the girl just wants to eat and drink her days away peacefully; well aside from that whole revenge thing. I’m looking at you Mr. Snake Hand.

Let’s see if I can get the whole baddies line sorted out in this post. Won’s mom (top right)  is a princess from Yuan who marries the Goreyo King, Won’s father (top left). Mommy dearest loves daddy dearest but expresses that love by isolating his Goryeo’s wife and sending said wife’s son to live in a temple. In addition to being unable to protect his family, Won’s father is not able to protect his people because every year people are sent to Yuan as tribute. The Goryeo people doesn’t take this kind of disrespect so they hate Yuan people which in turn causes them to hate Won because he is the half Yuan and half Goryeo. The people who hates Won include Song In (the schemer on the bottom right), and Wang Jeon (Rin’s brother on the bottom left).

In order to bring down the prince, Song In creates a plan where Jeon rescues San and marries her. However, this resulted in the death of San’s mom and the starting point of San becoming So Hwa. San’s father is the richest man in Goryeo so he has a lot of connection and wealth which will help when they need to build an army and gain supporters. In order to help San avoids marrying the sleaziest son of a gun (ew), San’s father pretends that the injured Bi-Yeon (San’s maid) is San and send San to live up in the San (mountain) under the name of So Hwa. Honest confession, I still get freaking flutter every time Won calls her “So Hwa ya~” *squeal*.

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 9.41.33 PM.png
She just wants to be love people.

Honestly, no one character seem like they are truly evil but more like their actions are motivated by the circumstances. Song In wants a Goryeo king so the people won’t be sent as tribute to Yuan. The queen just wants someone to care because both her son and her husband won’t even look at her. The king is lashing out because although he is a king, he is not fully in control of his kingdom. And Wang Jeon…Well that boy needs to go, bye. Note that my summary is just scratching the surface of each character, because their personalities and relationships are way more complicated and detailed in the drama. Not Wang Jeon though, he’s not that deep. Please leave.

The problem in this drama arises from the power struggle and what the opposite side does to retaliate. Jeon wants to marry San for her father’s wealth. The queen hates Jeon’s family because they are full blooded Goryeo and she knows Rin’s brother is trying to get rid of Won, so she sees them as a threat. As a warning, she decides to send Rin’s sister (Dan) as a tribute to Yuan. Rin, being the selfless bleeding heart protector that he is, offers to be sent as a tribute instead of his sister. Rin does this because at that same time, San’s real identity is reveal to almost everybody. If people found out that San and her father hid her identity, they will assume that her family did to prevent her from being sent as a tribute and the whole family will be punish for it. I think at this point Rin believes that if Won marries San then she won’t be sent as a tribute.

Our San aghasshi does not want to ruin their friendship or separate them in any way so she tells Won to marry Dan instead because this would prevent Rin from being sent as a tribute. Can I just say that Dan is the cutest little thing ever. The relationship between Dan and her brother, Rin, is so adorable. Like the only thing my brother ever did for me was fart in his hand and released it in my face. I’m still traumatize.

I’m not sure who San loves. I feel like she loves them both, in what way toward Rin and Won? I do not know. Having her identity hidden as a child, she never developed any type of special relationship with anybody so the friendship she has with Rin and Won is precious to her. She gives Won her mom’s keepsake and she keeps the hairpin from him close at all time. While with Rin, her heart aches because he keeps ignoring her. San babe, if you want them both, just take them. I don’t think they’ll complain.

While Won is a passionately burning flame, Rin is an slow burning ember. You can outright tell how much Won adores San, and I love that about him; albeit he does get a little creepy and pushy at time. I feel like San need someone to love her openly like that in her life. She keeps too much bottled up and she doesn’t express herself very well emotionally. I’m sure nobody ever fervently express their love for her like that, even her father and her maid who loves her with all their heart, at time have to keep that love undercover because San’s identity cannot be discover. Because Won is so straightforward with his expression, San does not know what to do except to become defensive.

Rin is one of Won dearest person, but at the same time there is this status that separates them. They may say they are friends but Rin is always determine to remain one or two step behind Won out of respect for his crown prince. Won trust and treasure Rin but it is with San whom he can trust to give it to him straight. In the beginning, she did not know his real identity so she doesn’t care whether she offends him or not; a very cliche drama trope, but is an effective explanation for Won’s attraction to San. Nothing calls to a man more than twisting his arm and throwing his arrogant ass on the floor. Learn from Lady San people.

Man I screamed so hard when Won came to stop the marriage. Won was like “Look at me and my crew.”

Now I am not sure why Rin loves San though.

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Rin, you’re perfect but WTF is this?

In the beginning, he witnesses her grieving for her bodyguard like they are her family and I think her consideration for other people regardless of status, touched him in some way. But then it still does not make sense to me because at that time both Rin and Won thought San was the family’s maid. When they were all grown up, Rin follows San due to the prince’s order and partly out of his own curiosity. Besides curiosity, I think Rin carries a certain amount of guilt towards San like Won does regarding the incident when they were younger. Rin knew earlier on that his brother was partly at fault for whole incident and he stood by without helping like Won did. In some way he may feel the need to protect her but then as he got to know her over time, he fell for every part of her just like Won did.

Rin’s love is not as oppressive and pushy as Won. He’s the silent protector; whereas Won can’t be unobvious to save his life (I’m talking about the bad play he put in front of her at the dumpling shop he set up). If she’s in danger, he is there. He learns thing about San that she had not yet reveal. Not only is Rin the anchor of Won’s life, I think his outlook on life also affects San in a positive way. San refuses to form attachment or leave roots anywhere because she did not have the luxury of forming a lasting bond with anyone because then she would have to lie to them about her identity all the time. However, Rin tells her that regardless of what happens she needs to make happy memory so she can look back on them fondly later on in life.

He helps her to go out of her comfort zone and that is not always an easy thing. He supports and encourages her without needing credit for it and only wants her to be happy. I really like this aspect of Rin because he gives room for San to develop without it feeling like things are forced on her, like so many other thing in her life. I’m screaming so hard when Rin held her on the roof. Basically in this drama I’m always screaming.

I know people are having shipping war but I honestly have my feet on both ship. I don’t care, I’m chaining my legs on both boat. They can split me in half for all I care. I just cannot pick. They’re both swoony in their own way. Don’t freaking make me pick. It’s like asking who do you like more, your mom or your dad? Like no.

Who can break up this cute ass bromance. Fight me. (*cough*) Sorry lady San, you’re too strong.

That’s right girl. Go ahead and judge them. Just like people always say, the good ones are always taken or they’re gay.

Now the king is all up in their business cause he wants to join the-hunt-for-San-wagon too. She needs both of her man to work together to figure this one out. Though I think she needs to spend a little time with Song In too. Song In got the moves y’all. Like he is way smoother than Won and Rin. *Mini heart flutter*. He was seen slashing her in the most recent preview so I guess this is sinking faster than wet paper in water. They never even had a chance.

I’m expecting Won to get a lot more assertive in using his power as a prince later on. I’m also curious as to why they brought San’s teacher down the mountain. Maybe they need another brain to combat Song In. However, I trust that Won won’t be that bad because he did tell Rin beforehand about his plan to obtain more power and that he needs Rin to be his anchor no matter what happens. That is a lot of responsibility for Rin when homeboy still need some time to romance Lady San. Like Won, give the man a chance, you had so many already. You’re too darn observant for your own good. You need to give more materials for the shipping war.

I will probably add more thoughts to this post later on if I think of more things I want to discuss. Can’t wait for next week. Whoo!

Girls’ Generation: Holiday Night

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The girls are back with their 6th album for their 10 years anniversary and what an amazing album it is. Everybody visual game and vocal are just peaking right now and my heart just can’t take all of this excitement. I’m just going to leave some of my thoughts on the album below. (Note: I went back and wrote this intro because I noticed I just jumped into the song review, hahahaha… See too freaking excited to care about structure, transition and stuff…I would like to apologize to all of my English teacher.)

“Holiday”–Ha ha haholiday wheeee. Man this song is catchy. I like how they edited this video, the transition are really well done. I think because the transition are so well planned the video feels shorter. Or is it because I’m so distracted by all the girls I don’t even realize my life is passing by me at the speed of light? Anyhow, favorite part would have to be that rectangle dance formation where they rotated and switch singers. It was brilliant, I’m shocked at the smoothness of it. And then Hyoyeon posing in the elevator just kills me, like I wish I can be that fabulous.


“All Night”- I really love this song. When I didn’t know what the lyrics meant, it was just a crazy dancing, booty shaking, and hair flipping song for me. I didn’t even know my butt what that flexible until this song came out. Thank you Soshi-nim for always teaching me new things about myself. The lyrics of the actual song has a more nostalgic touch to it, which talks about meeting someone you love from the past and falling in love all over again. I just love it when the beat increases after the slow tempo. And we all have to admit my bae Yoona is killing it in the music video. I almost had a heart attack at that wiggle. This iconic moment deserve a name and I’m going to name this “The Wiggle Incident of 2017.” Babe is smoking hot and I’ve converted to Im Yoongism. She is my guide and my leader!

“It’s You”, “Only One”, “FAN” sounds like song for SONE, honestly most of the song in this album is like letters to the fan (TT-TT). I’m not crying, it’s just my eye sweats.  “One Last Time” reminds me of old style American pop that I love so much, like with JoJo or Jordan Sparks…feels~. Once you’re done crying from “Fan”, “Only One,” and “Light Up the Sky,” you can jam to “Girls are Back” and “Sweet Talk”. Oh man, dance line parts in “Love is Bitter” *cue the applause*. “Love is Bitter” is such a chill song but it’s such a reality awakening song at the same time; listen kids, “Love is always always bitter”. I really like the song in this album and I like how they divided up the album into two. One album is filled with unreleased pictures and the other one is for their new concept. Simply Amazing. The girls are back and I can’t wait to watch them on music show and variety show. Whoooooo! Go Soshi! Go Soshi! Go Soshi!

Red Velvet: The Red Summer

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Who’s enjoying Red Velvet comeback? ME!

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 1.15.47 PM.png

My kids are all so beautiful and talented.

There’s a total of 5 songs: Red Flavor, You Better Know, Zoo, Mojito, and Hear the Sea. My jam is “You Better Know.” There is just something about that song that makes me want jump around in my room like I’m at a concert. I especially love them performing this song on music show because the choreography fits this song so well and it is a total summer song to me. So gorgeous, so talented, such a jam to my peanut butter.

This doesn’t mean I don’t like “Red Flavor”. It is a very upbeat song too but I must say my favorite part of the song is how Wendy ends the song. Her voice always get me right in my kokoro; from my past record you can tell I have a thing for when Wendy uses her voice to add an extra level of gentleness or softness to all of their upbeat song.

I think my favorite part of “Zoo” is Seulgi’s Tarzan imitation that replace the whistle sound at some point. It’s so weird but it fits so well with the whole song. “Mojito” also has it own charm. Similar to “You Better Know,” this song makes me want to dance around my room with my girls, drinking those pretty drinks that taste way too good to be a good indicator of how much alcohol you’ve consume, and just drive around the coast (don’t drink and drive though, have a designated driver please people). And I will aways love “Hear the Sea” because my weakness is soft and chill song, and this song fits right into that description; what’s not love? Their voices are so sweet so it fits this song perfectly. These types of song does Yeri and Irene’s voice justice, so I’m happy they have this song.

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PSA: On an unpleasant note, please stop talking about weight. Too fat, too chubby, too skinny, and too slender. You all understand physical appearance is a sensitive topic, and how one simple comment can lead people to make some drastic decisions that may not always give the best ending. Especially in the entertainment industry, where they are often picked a part for how they look; like a person only amount to their outer appearance and nothing more. I just hope that when I watch a Red Velvet’s video I won’t find it overflowing with comments regarding any members’ weight. I know some people are worry out of love but instead of it helping it just creates additional stress and feeling of helplessness because nothing done is ever enough. Just love them people! Love my kids like you love your kids okay?

Drama Updates: The King In Love


The press conference occurred on July 3 and everybody was beautiful, the extended preview was amazing, and I’m camping at MBC until it airs!

Bae walks out in a pretty pink dress and I think, “my girl is so conservative.” Then she turns around my jaw is on the floor and the only thing I can say is “DANG GURL!” No wonder Hong Jong Hyun didn’t know where to put his hands. It’s both heaven and hell in the back.

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Moving onto the beautiful ships that may sail or sink. Hopefully no ship sinks while burning up in flames. I already have my weekly healthy dose of pain from “7 Days Queen,” anymore and it will put me in the masochist  zone.

I also watched the Showcase but I’m still dizzy from having to turn my phone because the person filming it could not decide whether they want to do it in landscape or portrait. But I liked that they introduce some of the supporting cast, although I would’ve liked it even more if we got to see a little more interactions since all they were able to do was introduce their names. Additionally, I think they played some of the OST from the drama. The songs sounded soft and melancholy, which is right up my alley.

I enjoyed the extended preview. I never thought Im Siwan was my aesthetic until I saw him here, he is one handsome man. I’m curious how the storyline will go because Won is capable of inflicting all sorts of pain, yet his conflicts arise from the woman he loves and the person he trusts the most. There’s no way to solve this peacefully, please don’t be “What Happened in Bali 2.0.”

They’re so cute!

Obsess much Won? I know she’s pretty but calm down boy.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 10.52.25 AM
Credit: caryoona

Thank you MBC for your creative promotion. See you can promote things well too once you put your mind into it! Look forward to July 17 everybody!

Drama Updates: The King in Love

Hyung, you sure are handsome.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 9.59.04 AM.png

Um… Sorry did I say I was a bit iffy about the style? I take it back, Eun San’s hanbok is so pretty. Definitely a saguek chaebol’s daughter. Man the dress below is so pretty, looks even prettier on Yoona. When MBC show Rin some love I’m going to be even more excited, Heeeeeee!Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 10.00.06 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-06-29 at 10.00.27 AM.png

She’s playing with me hearteu, *faints*…

Second update because the poster came out.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 9.59.24 PM.png

Umm… I guess I’m okay with it but I wished that they didn’t use that orange backdrop because it looks all wrong. I love the little wooden divider on the upper left with the sun shining through effect because it emits a natural old fashioned feel. However, the overly bright orange paper behind them ruins the whole atmosphere. Old wood plank–>sentimental, old, saguek. Orange wall–>no. Sorry orange, you’re a pretty color but just not here, okay? The filter too *sigh*. Is it just me or does Yoona have the worse luck when it comes to graphic designer *coughK2cough*?

MBC finally posted the teaser video on YouTube. Thank Buddha because I can’t watch it on Naver at all. Look at how bright and crisp the teaser is! Why is the poster lighting so dim?

K-POP: NCT127 First Win

Congratulation to my children on their first win!!! You guys deserve it and the song is lit.

I swear some of their outfits make it look like they went to school, got in a fight, and got wrecked. Please don’t fight my children. They are still young and innocent (not sure about daddy Johnny though… Jeffrey is a bit iffy too).

While we’re at it, watch the music video and their dance practice video. Yuta flexing in the beginning always give me a mini myocardial infarction.